The yogurt kiosk today is a trendy and stylish counter designed for malls and shopping centers. This customized kiosk will be perfect for your needs. With its eye-catching design and high-quality materials, this kiosk is sure to attract customers and increase sales.

Delicated Design

The colorful yogurt kiosk features a gloss and fashion design that is sure to stand out in any mall or shopping center. The kiosk is made from high-quality plywood, which is both durable and environmentally friendly. The colorful scheme gives the kiosk a fresh and inviting look, while the glass display cases allow customers to see the delicious frozen treats on offer. We also set up chairs and increased the dining area.

The kiosk is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The layout is optimized for efficiency, with plenty of space for staff to work and customers to browse. The counter is equipped with a refrigerated display case for showcasing ice-cream and yogurt flavors, the kiosk also includes storage space for ingredients, utensils, and other supplies.

High quality Material

The main body of the yogurt kiosk is made of plywood as the base material. Its surface is attached with fireproof board and treated with spray paint. Such a process can have a good fire waterproof function. The bottom of the yogurt kiosk is a stainless steel kicker, which can extend the service life. You can also use artificial stone as counter surface, it will not easy to scratch. The yogurt booth also has a stainless steel sink on the inside, with a cabinet for the tank underneath. We can also see a part of tempered glass on the counter for food prevention. In addition, other material includes led  stripe, acrylic logo, light box picture etc.