The eyebrow threading kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall. Most poeple are willing to accept services in the shopping center. It’s a great time to open an eyebrow-threading kiosk to make money. Today, I want to share eyebrow-threading booths with you. Whenever you plan to start a business, it’s a good option to choose a customized eyebrow threading kiosk.

eyebrow threading kiosk

Introduction of eyebrow bar

This eyebrow bar counter size is 2.5m by 2m. It includes two working stations in total. The front counter has an entrance in the middle, and the reception counter is set here with a cashier counter. Popele can learn about your services from the menu and remember your brand name well. The opposite side has a seating sofa with a brand logo wall. So the client can sit down during peak hours. However, the back wall has eyebrow threading stations with mirrors and cabinets in the corner. We can also put up posters facing the public for advertising.

eyebrow threading kiosk

Materials introduction

  • Primary material: MDF. MDF has a load-bearing capacity, strong compressive capacity, and firm structure. That is suitable for making display cabinets of various shapes.
  • Surface material: Baking paint with a glossy effect. Baking paint finishes have a smooth touch and can high-level the massage kiosk and beauty shop theme.
  • Toe kicking: Stainless steel. It mainly protects the toe kicking from accident hurt. Poeple can choose brushes with stainless steel kicking and mirror stainless steel kicking.
  • Brand logo: Acrylic. We can do a 3D luminous logo, hollow logo, and acrylic with backlit.
  • Other materials: Hardware, mirror, LED lighting, etc. We will note all the material details in the construction drawing.

eyebrow counter

Produce photos show

We can view the kiosk effect directly in the photos. People can understand each step during the process. Workers follow the confirmed 3D design to build the eyebrow threading and barber kiosk. If you have any questions, please kindly let us know.

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eyebrow threading kiosk

Working station effect. We will also reserve sockets for better usage.

eyebrow threading station