The candy store fixture became popular among people. It’s a great idea to decorate candy shops with display racks. Merchants can set it against the wall and in front of the sales window. We can also set it near the entrance, next to the weighing place and cashier counter. So that poeple can take goods away directly. Let’s view the candy display rack details below.

Candy wall cabinet

Introduction of wall display rack

We can see the wall display rack size is 90cm*35cm*135cm. It has a sloped shape, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. Each layer has 4 acrylic cabinets to place candy for clients. They can purchase their favorite candy style easily. The white color highlights the colorful candies products.

Materials include high-density MDF, which has the frame to increase the load-bearing ability. That can also make the candy display rack used for a longer time. While the surface treatment is white glossy baking paint. It needs at least 5 times sanding and polishing to achieve the brilliant effect. Its high level of shop theme makes the whole candy store look better. Silver stainless steel kicking protects the candy cabinet.

Produce photos show

Candy rack Candy display shelving

We can the display rack effect from above produce photos. That’s what the owner will receive to start a business. Our workers will clean and pack each cabinet with a soft sponge and foam to protect the cabinet and avoid shaking. Outside is wooden box packing that meets outport standards and is suitable for sea shipping.