Pancake and bakery kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall. It’s a good place to sell bakery, crepes, pancakes, waffles, and snacks. Everyone loves attractive and wonderful food kiosks for business, it will leave a good first impression for clients. That is good for promoting business and better-showing products to clients. Today, I want to share a nice bakery kiosk with you.

Bakery counter

Description of bakery kiosk

This food kiosk has curved counters on one side, it suits the location of a 3m by 3m area. It has wooden strip decorations on the front counter. Which makes the food kiosk attractive and increases a healthier food shop atmosphere. The black metal frame decorates the kiosk and supports the ceiling in a good way.

Bakery stand

We can see the front counter has a display showcase and workbench, it is good to show food and express food to clients. The left-hand side is used for the reception counter with a cashier register to check bills. Besides the right-hand side counter has package equipment and a coffee machine area. It’s convenient to prepare food and drinks. The back side has a curved counter with chairs, which is used as a dining table for clients to enjoy their food.

Bakery kiosk

The stone countertop makes the overall bakery kiosk look better. It is a good grade and easy to clean and maintain. Most food kiosks use stone countertops. While the top ceiling has artificial flower decoration with luminous brand signage. If you plan to find a food kiosk business, we can customize it for you.