In busy bubble tea shops, how to display products quickly, to ensure the freshness and preservation quality of products is extremely important. Traditional display methods often have a series of problems. Such as not bright and eye-catching products, limited storage space, monotonous display, unable to highlight product characteristics, etc., these problems have greatly affected the store image and sales.

And the use of efficient refrigeration technology, environmental protection materials, high-quality structure production, to ensure the freshness of goods and preservation of quality, so that your products always maintain the best state, enhance consumer trust and consumption experience.

Description of the bubble tea kiosk

1. Using environmentally friendly materials, safe and reliable: This bubble tea kiosk is made of high quality plywood, which is usually the preferred material for pantry because of its strong construction and durability. Then we will coat the surface with a layer of baking paint. As for the choice of color, we can color the milk tea cabinet according to customers’ requirements. After coloring, we can see the glossy display case

2. Creative design to highlight brand characteristics:Lighting is a very important presence in the display case. It will make our products look more prominent . It makes customers more willing to pay for it. Therefore, we usually place lights around the display cases. Businesses can customize the logo according to their own needs. Our logo is made of acrylic material. That will make your brand look more prominent.  It can improve customer attention and consumption preferences by hightlight the brand characteristic.

3. Large display space, better display effect: our bubble tea kiosk, not only has 3m x 2m super space, excellent display, at the same time can be customized according to the requirements of the owner of the creative design, so that your store is more personalized.