Are you looking for a nice bubble tea kiosk to earn money? In busy bubble tea shops, displaying products quickly, and ensuring their freshness is extremely important. An attractive milk tea kiosk design can help businesses bring more clients and make your shop stand out. Whenever you are planning to start, don’t miss this bubble tea kiosk.

Description of milk tea kiosk

It suits a location of 6m by 2.5m, the bubble tea kiosk has a perfect blend of lovely colors. It combines pink, orange, wood, and white. Creates an attractive and creative ambiance that will immediately catch the eye of anyone passing by. As customers approach your kiosk, they will see your brand logo prominently on the front left side counter. The cashier counter is conveniently near the entrance. Ensuring quick and easy transactions for your valued customers.

On the back side of the tea kiosk, you will find a water sink near a storage cabinet, allowing your staff to quickly clean and store utensils and supplies. This ensures that your kiosk remains organized and efficient at all times.

To provide a comfortable dining experience, we have included a seating sofa with tables as a designated dining area. Customers can relax and enjoy their delicious bubble tea in a comfortable setting. On the front right side, you will find a workbench with a machine area and a glass display machine. It allows your staff to efficiently prepare and display your wide range of bubble tea flavors and toppings, enticing customers to try new and exciting combinations.

At the back of the milk tea kiosk, we have included a stainless steel bubble tea machine. Ensuring the highest quality and efficiency in preparing your bubble tea beverages. The round light box logo adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your kiosk.