This is a jewelry booth used in a shopping mall. Expensive jewelry requires high-end jewelry cabinets to make it look more valuable. This jewelry cabinet looks very high-end, and its design is very suitable for displaying jewelry. At the same time, this jewelry cabinet is black and looks low-key. At the same time, setting bright lights in the display window of the jewelry cabinet can make the jewelry look brighter. In addition, there are many storage cabinets inside this jewelry cabinet, so it is very convenient to use.

jewelry kiosk

jewelry kiosk


We can see that there are logos on the front and side of the cabinet. This is the name of your business. A creative logo can help customers remember you better


The light box is a pattern installed inside the cabinet. You can put slogans or advertisements. And it can be replaced regularly, and the method of replacement is very simple.


This jewelry cabinet uses MDF as the base material and baking varnish, so the surface of this cabinet is very smooth and feels very smooth. In addition, we chose 5mm tempered glass as the display window in the jewelry display section. Install LED light strips inside the showcase. To reduce wear on the bottom of the kiosk, we will install stainless steel skirting at the bottom of the cabinet. Other accessories: hardware accessories, locks, stools, etc

How to install?

Although this kiosk is large in size, its installation is not difficult. During transportation, we will split the cabinets into different wooden boxes. After transportation to the destination, you can install them according to the instructions provided by us. This is a very simple step

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