Are you looking for a stunning and practical way to display your jewelry collection? This unique and eye-catching pavilion is designed to display your jewelry in a stylish and sophisticated manner. Let’s take a look at its details!

Used materials

The all-round layered design of this jewelry pavilion allows you to display your jewelry from every Angle. This ensures that everything is visible. The careful construction of the pavilion consists of unrivalled quality materials, ensuring that it is particularly durable and can stand the test of a long time. The main material used is MDF, which is treated with high quality paint. In addition, the glass is strong and durable, mainly using 8mm tempered glass. This gives it significant scratch resistance and fracture resistance. These materials are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

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The details of the design

The classic color scheme of purple and white creates a modern and graceful look. The Led warm light strip adds a touch of charm and sophistication to make your jewelry sparkle. In addition, the bottom slide-out drawer booth features an extraordinary slide-out drawer design that provides convenient storage for additional jewelry items. This design ensures that your presentation is always well organized and free of clutter. The slide rail also has excellent quality, ensuring that the drawer opens and closes seamlessly with every operation, without any faults or obstacles.

In addition, each tempered glass display cabinet is supported by stainless steel columns, which is very safe. Every display case and drawer is equipped with a lock and key so you can store your jewelry with confidence. This jewelry kiosk is also equipped with stainless steel kickers at the bottom to effectively prevent wear and tear. The logo is made of acrylic and looks very bright. We can also give you a customized glowing logo tailored to your brand to maximize the beauty of your jewelry kiosk.

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