The hair styling station for the barber kiosk is not only shows a brand theme but also good for people to work. Whenever you plan to start a barber kiosk, you can choose a nice barber kiosk for business. Today, I want to share a nice hair salon kiosk with you, it is used in the UK mall and creates a luxury effect. Let’s view more information now.

Hair kiosk

Introduction of hair salon kiosk

The barber kiosk size is 3m by 2m, increased seating area, display cabinet, waiting table, and advertising area. It looks like a beauty salon shop. We can see the primary color is white with golden decoration, very high-end and upscale to show the items. Primary materials include MDF with glossy baking paint, stainless steel, LED light, ceiling light, etc.

Hair booth

This hair salon kiosk includes 2-row counters. The front counter has a reception counter on one side, there is display shelving in the front with LED light. It is mainly used to check bills and also show display cabinets to clients. While another side has a space with a bar counter. People can set bar chairs here so that clients can sit down waiting during busy hours.

We can see there are 3 stations at the back side counter with drawers and LED light mirrors. On both sides is a light box painting area to show advertising and menu. The taller wall keeps clients private. We can also add a wall glass cabinet at the front to increase the display area. A ceiling with warm light makes the overall hair kiosk look better.

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Produce effect show

Beauty salon table Barber kiosk

The produced photos show the real effects of hair salon kiosks. That’s what you will receive and for business. For customized hair salon kiosks. It’s very important and necessary to make a unique kiosk design. If you want an attractive hair kiosk, contact us now.