A coffee stand is one of the standard business ideas. It is easy to operate and can earn money back soon. The coffee stand can also help you expand your business and promote brand themes to the public. Here is a lovely coffee stand to share with you.

coffee booth

Introduction of coffee stand

The coffee stall size is 220cm long, 60cm wide, and 240cm tall. It is good to sell bakery and cupcakes, and we can also add the coffee machine to gain more clients. The bakery shop has a Harp shape with curved styles and looks attractive and high-end. It’s also like a mall coffee cart in a fixed location.coffee table

And the counters use to prepare bakery, cakes, and coffee inside. Outer has a small panel with chairs used as a seating counter. Near it is an extensive glass display showcase to store and display cakes. The Casier register sets on the top for clients to order meals. Posters are placed here to make the bakery kiosk look better. At the same time, the top has a brand logo to remind people of your business.

coffee stand

Colors of bakery shop stall

We can make the food booth unique colors, such as gray, brown, pink, red, blue, purple, etc. It has a smoothie and brilliant surface, a high-level shop theme. People can also find you at first sight, which helps to increase guest favor and build a good reputation.

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Coffee stand

We can use MDF as the primary material to build the cake kiosk body. 8mm tempered glass, stone counter, stainless steel kicking, and acrylic logo are popular materials for most mall kiosks. If you have questions about the food kiosk design, send us an inquiry. We can make a suitable food kiosk for you.