How do you think about starting a business with a retail booth? No matter what kind of products you sell, it’s necessary to find suitable mall kiosks for business. Today, I want to share an attractive retail booth with you, it’s good to show and sell balance cars. Let’s view more details with you.

Retail booth

Description of retail booth

We can see in the design, the retail booth color is yellow combined with gray. It looks very brilliant and luxurious. It suits an area of 3m by 2m location or even a small area used as pop-up shops. The counters look like balanced car products with round shapes. It vividly expresses your business to the clients and helps promiting business.

Retail counter

It has 2 separate counters in total, which is good for showing items to clients. There is a reception counter at one side with wheels on the counter body to remind poeple of your business. Near it is a perforated board with a double side display, merchants can add shelving to place safety helmets.

Retail cabinet

While another counter has curved counters with holes for display balance cars. Next to it is a tall display stand with brand signs and posters. It attracts the eyes’ attention and can make your retail booth outstanding. Don’t forget to add flooring with stainless steel edges, it reminds people to enter into your shop and can protect the floor better.

Retail counter

The materials include MDF with baking paint finishes. It creates a glossy and brilliant shop effect. The stainless steel kick protects the overall kiosk and makes it serve for a longer time. Other materials include lightbox posters and brand logos.

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