What do you think about opening a bakery kiosk in the shopping mall? With the fast development of the society and economy, bakery kiosks become popular among poeple. Today, I want to share a nice bakery kiosk, it’s good to sell bakery, crepe, Marcon, sweet food, and cupcakes. Let’s view more detailed information together.

bakery kiosk

Custom bakery kiosk design

This bakery kiosk size is 12ft by 10ft, with a big taller roof and display cabinet. It’s good to express brand themes and products to consumers. The main color combines white with wood and blue. Which attracts the attention and makes the overall bakery kiosk outstanding. Materials include Plywood with veneer finishes. Metal tubes support the roof at 4 corners, other materials include 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, LED light lamp, acrylic logo, etc.

bakery booth

We can see there are glass display cabinets on the front side. It has 3 layers in total with LED light lamps, which highlight the items and are convenient for clients to buy. The middle is a service counter with the blue word “BAKERY”, which appeals to people to buy yummy bakery from you. A higher menu stand at one end guides poeple to purchase their favorite food and drinks. View cupcake kiosk design

The reception counter is set at one corner with a cashier register to check bills. Working bench is very important for food kiosks. It’s not only to display necessary machines but also has a storage cabinet for work. Led light lamp decoration increases the glow, and makes the kiosk eye-cathing from other competitors. Whenever you plan to start a business, you will get a wonderful mall kiosk here.