The sweet kiosk is good for selling sweet food and desserts. Every businessman wants an attractive sweet kiosk because it is brilliant and appeals to customers. Here is a nice sweet kiosk sharing with you. Merchants can use it in the shopping center, food court, bakery shop, and even restaurants. Whether you sell cookies, macros, cupcakes, chocolate, bakery, waffles, or crepes, this sweet kiosk is a great choice. Please learn more details below.

Food kiosk

Customize sweet kiosk

This sweet kiosk mainly uses white color with blue decoration. It’s an upscale color decoration that increases a sense of design and technology. It fits a location area of 3m by 2m, and highly matches most mall booths. It has a ceiling surrounding the sweet kiosk at the top, it has a spotlight with an acrylic logo in blue color. That reminds poeple to notice your shop from a distance.

Dessert kiosk

We can see there is a large counter with curved corners on the front side. It’s good to use as an order and pick-up area. While the right-hand side has a glass display showcase to place cakes for sale. While the back side wall has advertising posters used as brand image walls. We can also add a lockable cabinet under the counter so that you can store more items here for sale.

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Sweet kiosk

Material details show

We mainly use MDF with baking paint finishes to build the sweet kiosk. The countertop is quartz stone in black color, durable to use, and easy to clean. It’s also food grade that meets health department requirements. White light underneath the countertop highlights the brand logo and makes it look better. The stainless steel kick protects the unique bakery kiosk from being hurt. While the blue floor light makes it look outstanding.