With the fast development of society, people like charming characteristics. It’s a great idea to design nail polish display cabinets for beauty salon shops and inside shopping centers. Here is the nice mall stand display styles shared with you. We can use it as a display counter and also good to show brand image wall. Let’s view the details together.

mall stand

Description of mall stand

As we can see in the design photo, there are 2 styles of display cabinets for business. We can make it fit the wall sizes and matches the product height. Materials include MDF with white glossy baking paint finishes. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass, acrylic logo, stainless steel kick, light lamp, and hardware. Our workers build and install well at the workshop, so you can use it directly.

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wall display

Wall display stand & brand logo wall

The wall display stands set against the wall of the beauty kiosk store, and we can show cosmetics and products in each cabinet. Because there is much adjustable glass shelving in each cabinet, the top has a spotlight to highlight the items. We can also attach a slogan or labels to guide poeple to purchase the items. While the bottom area has lock drawers to increase storage area, it also makes full use of the space. Besides, the middle area is to show brand signage with white background for advertising.

nail display cabinet

Nail polish display cabinet

We can see the nail polish display cabinet has curves displays, looks very attractive, and is convenient for clients to purchase items. There is space to show each nail polish product, which vividly shows items to clients. Each shelving has a light lamp to highlight the products. Merchants can also put up advertising posters at the top to promote business. And the bottom also has lock drawers for storage.

nail display cabinet nail polish wall stand