In our life, if we want to go out and meet others, makeup represents respect for others. With our growing social networks, our demand for cosmetics is increasing. Therefore, consumers have many choices. How to let customers choose you in so many stores? The first impression a cosmetic booth makes is crucial. I will introduce our cosmetics kiosk to you from the following aspects


This is a pink cosmetics kiosk, mainly used in shopping malls. Its size is 5000*5000*2400 mm. The cabinet is made up of two parts, the upper part for the display of cosmetics and the lower part for the storage of goods. Posters will be placed on the front and side cabinets. The center cabinet is the reception desk for the staff and is mainly used for checking out the customers. Many led lights are installed on the roof of the kiosk, so there is no lack of light even inside.cosmetic kiosk

Bright spot

The makeup booth is pink and looks not only dreamy but also cute. Even seeing the cosmetics kiosk from a distance makes one want to come in and visit it. Because it is in line with the popular aesthetic and has many logos, it can be easily noticed. In addition, there is a channel in the middle of the makeup booth, which is very convenient for the flow of customers and is not easy to appear crowded. retail cosmetic booth


The makeup booth is made of medium-density fiberboard with baking paint finish . It can make cosmetic kiosks in different shapes. Other materials include stainless steel, acrylic logo, 8 mm tempered glass, etc. Before production, we will make a construction drawing to show you the details of the materials.


We can also provide stools, sofas, tables, locks, and other items. If you need to refer to more cosmetic cabinets, click on the link. Whether it is size, material, or design, as long as you need, our team can customize it for you.