Are you looking for a nice modern kiosk for jewelry display? Jewelry kiosks and boutique booths are popular in the shopping mall. People can view and purchase their favorite jewelry during shopping. Merchants should purchase an attractive and unique jewelry kiosk for business. Now, I want to introduce a wonderful jewelry kiosk to you. Let’s view how it helps with business.

jewelry showcase

Modern jewelry kiosk design

A modern and unique mall booth not only shows the items in a better way but also enhances the brand image. The jewelry booth is mainly decorated with wooden and golden stainless steel with a mirror effect. It can make your store stand out while allowing customers to immediately associate with your product – gold. Besides, Warm LED light lamps decorate the jewelry kiosk and showcase, making it attractive and useful.

jewelry cabinet

We can see there are long glass display cabinets on 4 sides. It has 2 layers to present gold bracelets, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other products to customers. Each layer has an LED light lamp to show the products. There are also LED light lamps surrounding the cabinet with hollow-out metal decorations. The inside cabinet has a lockable cabinet to remind people of business.

jewelry counter

There are square display cabinets set at 4 sides, we can use them as main display items with necklace displays. Besides, the cashier counter is placed in the middle of the front side. The tower display shelving stand on the opposite side, it’s good to show the brand logo to the public. Merchants can also show more products there to increase the display area. Monitors can also be set at the top of the tower display for safety. Whenever you want a jewelry kiosk, engraving kiosk, or mall retail kiosk, contact us and get more good solutions.