A shoe kiosk is an excellent place to start a business. Because merchants can promote shoes, T-shirts, scarves, and clothing with brand signage, you will have a great company by choosing an excellent shoe kiosk. Here is a nice shoe kiosk design to share with you. Let’s view the details together.

shoes kiosk

Information about shoe kiosks

As we can see in the design, this shoe kiosk has two individual counters with shelving. The shoe kiosk and embroidery kiosk look like a boat with cabins from the top view. The leading tone of the shoe booth is brown wood with a pure white color, which looks very upscale and can reflect your products well. Materials include MDF with wood veneer and brown PVC flooring high highlight the shop level. If space permits, you can prepare shoe shop stools in the middle, which is helpful with shoe selling and can attract more people to buy shoes from you.

shoes kiosk

We can see two layers of display counter with lock cabinets at the bottom. They are white, and you can place popular shoes for purchase. With the two layers of wooden shelving with LED light lamps, consumers can select the boots from inside and outside. It’s also good to share hats with clients. There is a wooden panel and a cashier counter to check bills and serve people. The brand logo is added to the board to enhance the brand theme.

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shoes kiosk

Produce photos show

shoes kiosk shoes kiosk

We can see the overall indoor shoe kiosk effect from the product photos. It has a wooden floor with a stainless steel edge. Our workers install them at our factory, package them well, and ship them out after testing. If you need a shoe kiosk, contact us and get more ideas.