Are you looking for RMU stand to start your business. If you want t nice retail merchadising unit in the mall for business, don’t miss this unique style with glass shelving. It’s good to sell boutiques, flowers, jewelry decorations, and engraving products. We can design is suits for the products and highlight the brand theme.

The wooden finishes retail merchandising unit is a perfect addition to any shopping center or retail space. With its sleek design and modern aesthetic, this unit is sure to attract customers and showcase your products in the best light possible. Today, I want to share a nice RMU stand sharing with you.

RMU stand

Custom wooden RMU stand

The unit features a beautiful brown wooden finish display table with drawers at the bottom for storage. The top of the retail booth unit boasts multiple layers of adjustable glass shelving, allowing for maximum visibility and organization of your merchandise. The glass shelving is supported by sturdy metal poles, ensuring that your products are displayed safely and securely.

retail merchandising units

In addition, the unit comes equipped with light strips and adjustable telescopic poles. Providing ample lighting to highlight your products and create an inviting atmosphere for customers. The addition of a reception desk with a cash register on the side allows for easy checkouts and transactions. Making the shopping experience seamless and convenient for both customers and staff. Check more pop-up shops option

Real effect show

We can see how it looks like when installed in the mall and understand how the owner use the RMU stand. The shop owner can also add new elements to make it attractive and outstanding.

retail merchandising units

Whether you start a retail booth, testing a new market, or promoting a new product, this retail merchandising unit is the perfect solution for your business needs. Its compact size (3m by 1m) makes it ideal for small spaces. While its versatile design allows for products to be displayed on both sides, maximizing visibility and potential sales.