Do you plan to start with a bakery kiosk to earn money? Most people love bakery because it has a special taste and can get rid of hunger. The bakery has a great market, businessmen can earn money by starting with bakery kiosks. Today, I want to share a nice bakery kiosk sharing with you. Hope it will give you more good ideas.

bakery booth

Introduction of bakery kiosk

The primary colors of the bakery kiosk are brown wood and black, which express a sense of natural and healthy food concept. It is a very large shop, including a glass display showcase, service counter, and seating area. It’s necessary to design it based on the mall booth sizes so that we can make full use of space and view how it matches the brand concept.

bakery shop

We can see there is a display counter in the front area. There is a glass showcase on the right-hand side. Near it is an L-shaped counter with a glass display showcase on the top, the corner has a space for bakery models on the body. It vividly shows your business to clients. There is a wall display rack against the wall. People can purchase a bakery and pick it up conveniently.

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Besides, the left-hand side has display counters with brand logos and a cashier register. It is good for poeple to be consultants and pay bills. There are wall-mounted cabinets behind to show items and uses as decoration. View bread kiosk designs

bakery counter

Inner has dining tables and chairs, poeple can sit down and enjoy their meals. Don’t forget to attach advertising posters on the wall, delicious bakery appeals to more clients and helps increase sales performance. Whenever you plan to open a bakery kiosk, you can find more options here. Contact us if you want more unique ideas.