The wooden material watch kiosk with a glass display is not just a sales counter; it’s a statement of elegance and functionality. Let’s take a closer look at its captivating features.

The information of the kiosk

Size:3 by 2 meters

Main color:black and brown

Function:display watch or jewelry

Advantage:fireproof, anti-exposure, stable

Main material:solid wood and tempered glass

Kiosk specific description

The appearance of this watch kiosk is a blend of classic charm and modern sophistication. Crafted from high-quality wood, it exudes a warm and inviting aesthetic. The natural grain of the wood adds a touch of authenticity and character, making kiosk unique. We can see that there are three different colored wooden strips under the kiosk. Under the illumination of the lights, the entire kiosk becomes more prominent.

watch display

We carefully design the layout of the kiosk to maximize the display area and customer experience. And we strategically place the glass showcases to provide clear visibility of the exquisite watches. We illuminate the shelves from within, highlighting the sparkle and shine of the items and creating an alluring visual effect. Find more option glass kiosk.

At the front, there is a spacious countertop that not only serves as a point of interaction between the salesperson and the customer but also provides a platform for trying on and inspecting the watches. The countertop is often finished with a smooth and durable surface, ensuring both functionality and durability.

watch showcase

There are storage compartments under each counter to maintain inventory order and ease of use. This helps the staff retrieve items quickly and efficiently, reducing waiting time for customers.

The sides of the kiosk haves additional display areas and branding elements, further enhancing the overall presentation. The side illuminated logo can add brand identity.