What do you think about starting a wooden corn kiosk in the shopping mall? It’s a great idea to expand your business to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice dessert kiosk with you. It’s good to sell food and beverages, like corn, popcorn, bakery, cupcakes, coffee, etc. Let’s view more details together.

The wooden panel decoration corn kiosk modern dessert booth is a versatile and stylish option for selling a variety of food and drinks. From corn to beverages, snacks to pizza, this kiosk is perfect for a range of products. Its size, at 5m by 2m, provides ample space for displaying and selling items.

Corn kiosk

Unique Design and Features

The back side of the kiosk is equipped with a long wall display and shelving to showcase a variety of products. With ceiling lights to illuminate the space, customers can easily browse the selection of corn products available.

This corn kiosk offers a visually appealing design. It also includes strategically placed advertising posters and signage to promote the brand and entice customers. The combination of warm lighting, wooden accents, and promotional materials creates a welcoming environment. It draws people in to explore what the beverage kiosk has to offer.

With a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, the corn kiosk stands out with its attention to detail. The display shelves allow for easy access to the products. While the well-lit environment ensures that customers can see everything. The thoughtful design elements come together. Which creates a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience for all who visit the kiosk.

wooden mall kiosk

Functional Layout

The left-hand counter is all about corn, with a corn counter and steamer ready to serve you the freshest corn products. A glass panel on top of the counter keeps everything clean and visible, making your choices a breeze.

At the front counter, a glass display showcase area awaits, showcasing special items and promotions that will catch your eye. In between the two counters is a display counter, making it easy for you to browse, make your selections, and pay without any hassle. With everything within reach, customers’ shopping experience at your corn kiosk is a seamless one.

Each section of the food kiosk is strategically placed for your convenience. Ensuring that you can easily navigate and find what you’re looking for. From the corn products on the left to the display counter in the middle. Everything is designed with you in mind.

food restaurant booth

Self-serve Options

Proper layout of a food kiosk is convienet to use. Businessmen can put corn products, bevreage and storage suitable to use. With a corn counter and steamer, you can easily grab your favorite corn items and steam them to perfection.

The front counter of the food kiosk features a glass display showcase area, making it easy to see all the special items and promotions we have to offer. The glass panel on the corn counter helps keep everything clean and visible, so you can trust that you’re getting the best quality products every time.