Are you looking for a nice coffee cart to start a business? The mobile food cart is good to use outdoors. You can ride or push to different locations. Today, I want to share a nice coffee cart with you. It’s good to sell coffee, juice, and snacks. Mall coffee kiosk Let’s view the details information together.

coffee cart

Introduction of coffee cart

This coffee cart color is in brown wood color, it matches the product color and makes your coffee booth outstanding. We can see there is a tricycle base with wheels to ride the coffee carts everywhere. On the top has a display counter with a water sink. It has lock cabinets on both sides use as a storage area. The coffee machine, blender, and glass showcase are set on the table for sale. Clients can also purchase the items directly.

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coffee cart

The top is an arched ceiling with logos on 4 sides so that clients can view your business from all directions. It has brown wooden support, it has multiple shelving on one side, and it’s a good idea to place items here when you arrive at the spot. The metal pusher on the body of the mobile coffee kiosk can control the direction when moving.

Coffee cart

Produce photos show

We have made much useful coffee stands for both inside and outdoor usage. No matter how unique a coffee cart you require. We can customize it for you. You can view the real looks of the coffee booth during production and completed photos.

coffee cart

Material details

  • Man material: Plywood, metal
  • Surface material: Lamination and wood veneer
  • Other materials: Wheels, hardware, acrylic, etc.

You can also tell us if you have a material requirement. If you are looking for a nice coffee cart, contact us to get further information.