Do you plan to open a massage kiosk in the shopping center? Massage kiosk is mainly used to display fitness and massage equipment, provide massage and spa services, and are an excellent place to enhance the brand image. Merchants can sell fascia guns, dumbbells, and other fitness equipment and display massage beds and electric massage chairs to increase sales. With the rapid development of society, more and more people accept massage because it can help people get rid of fatigue and feel relaxed. Most massage kiosk includes a massage bed area, reception desk, flooring, brand logo, storage cabinet, advertising area, etc. Whether you want a high-end or modern massage booth theme, you will get a better solution from Mall-Kiosk. View the unique massage booth below.

The Mall-Kiosk massage kiosk has a high-end effect, beautiful design, and easy installation. We have supplied more than 1000 massage booths and massage parlor furniture abroad. Besides, each message counter is according to the mall’s unique requirements and the merchants’ ideas. No matter which country you are in, you can use it because the massage kiosk and beauty kiosk have wiring and lighting, and each counter is made in Mall-Kiosk’s workshop. So the owner can put each counter together and can use it.

How to decorate the massage kiosk?

massage kioskGood massage kiosk design and decoration can improve not only the quality of the store but also increase the added value of products and services. Merchants can choose a massage booth style that fits the store’s positioning, expressing respect for customers, attracting more customers, and ultimately creating better economic benefits for the massage store. Massage store is an overall decoration design that needs to consider the comprehensive experience it brings to customers.

  • Space decoration. The most important thing is to highlight the characteristics of the massage shop design and spa shop equipment positioning and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Consider the proportion, size, and orientation of each counter.
  • Massage booth lighting. Lighting is essential for massage booth consent. If you offer full body massages, the overall lighting needs to be subdued to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable. For the brand logo and mall booth skirting light, you can choose a bright LED white light source, which can remind people to pay attention to your store and can also highlight product features.
  • Exquisite furniture. The Massage kiosk display cabinet can be set in a unique shape to highlight the characteristics of the store. Merchants can also use the colors and textures of different materials to create vivid and natural massage store features. Mall-Kiosk uses mall-compliant materials for massage counters. They are durable and durable enough to last for many years.
  • Color matching. Massage shops focus on relaxation, so businesses need to make reasonable use of color matching to present a better store effect. Warm colors such as pink and red can give people a warm and comfortable feeling. Green and blue can increase the technological sense of the massage shop. And the combination of grey, brown, wood grain, and metal makes the massage kiosk luxurious.

How to run a massage booth?

  1. Venture capital. Usually, it is a small investment to open a massage and VR kiosk in a shopping mall. The main expenses are shopping mall booth rent, massage equipment, and a massage kiosk to start.
  2. Design brand logos. The plaque must be eye-catching and regular because the signboard is the most important way for customers to distinguish you from other stores. And people can think of your store and services when they see the logo, which helps to promote the brand and shape the corporate image.
  3. Publicity. No matter what industry you’re in, advertising is essential. Especially for massage shops, it is more necessary to promote, and let people know the advantages and benefits of massage, deepen the experience and gain profits.
  4. Feature. Your massage parlor will stand out from the crowd by being unique. Therefore, merchants can form their characteristics by introducing massage techniques, in-store services, and management systems.
  5. Carry out experience activities. Experience can deepen people’s impressions, and the effect of promoting massage kiosks is perfect. This way, people’s personal experience can increase people’s good impression of this store.
  6. Warm reception. Attitude is essential to the guests. Whether it is the first time or a frequent visitor, you must serve them enthusiastically. Your friendly attitude will win many loyal fans and a good reputation.

Spa shop design tips

  • Massage shop door design. The massage and spa shop’s design needs to arouse customers’ interest and curiosity and stimulate their awareness of wanting to go in and look. The customer’s entrance and exit design are essential in the beauty kiosk store design. Depending on the size and location of the indoor kiosk design. Generally, large shopping malls or massage stores with large stores have a central gate. The entrance and exit doors of the small massage shop are set on the left or right side, which can improve the space utilization rate, and customers can quickly enter and enjoy the service.
  • Window design. The decoration and design of the window are essential. The window’s primary function is to promote products and services, and a good window design determines the first impression of your store on customers. Usually, the windows of massage parlors display the service items provided by the shop, posters promoting products and brands, and even see-through display shelving. No matter what form you take, it will echo with the whole spa shop decoration and get a better publicity effect.
  • Counter design. The massage shop counter must first be clean and tidy, and the placement of the counters needs to take into account the convenience of the staff. You can set up product display shelves in the work area, which can help improve employee productivity and allow guests to purchase the products they need. Curved furniture and display cabinets can enhance the sense of design and avoid unnecessary bumps.