Are you looking for luxury perfume kiosks? The perfume kiosk is mainly to better highlight the perfume, attract customers to the store to buy, and promote the brand concept. Different materials of perfume kiosks show different effects. Such as glass display cabinets, metal kiosks, and wooden perfume counters. So merchants can choose suitable materials to make. So merchants can even start your business by customizing the perfume booth to fit the size of your store and its features. Therefore, the most common perfume showcase is to display the fragrance at the top with storage space at the bottom. Moreover, businessman can also use a multi-layer display case for maximum display space. It’s also a good idea to opt for individual stand-alone display cases, which you can use as window displays to catch consumers’’ eyes. So review perfume stall designs on our website and purchase one for your perfume shop.

Mall-Kiosk provides customize perfume service counter for every starter. No matter how unique the perfume display you want, we can meet your demands. Because we have an excellent design team to make perfume kiosk designs. So, you can view what the mall kiosk looks like in reality from a 3D design drawing. So, we can also help with design solutions if it’s your first business.

How to make perfume booth designs?

Whether you plan to open a perfume shop or perfume cabinet, decorating is a very important part. Because it will become the logo of your store and be known to everyone, it will also be the first impression your guests have of you. When decorating, you need to consider the following 4 points.

  1. perfume kioskPerfume shop theme. First of all, the store decoration theme showcases your store’s characteristics and brand concept to guests. However, we can choose a perfume shop decoration theme. Then it complements the products in your store and attracts the attention of targeted customers.
  2. Perfume kiosk Style. Secondly, merchants can choose the style of the perfume display cabinet according to the product characteristics. Besides, a modern minimalist style. As it can present the fragrance directly to the guests. Therefore, people can also choose a dream-style perfume booth to enhance the value of the fragrance.
  3. Perfume stand Color. Thirdly, people can use some bright gold or bright black colors for perfume shops. These colors can accentuate the elegance and uniqueness of perfumes. Besides, the perfume counters are good for window displays and are very eye-catching.
  4. Cozy shop atmosphere. Finally, decorating a perfume shop can create a romantic and warm atmosphere. The back cabinet of the cosmetic kiosk can add mirrors to expand the visual effect of the store.

How to Open a fragrance kiosk

The most important thing in opening a beauty kiosk is to have an accurate location. Customers can find you at a fixed booth to increase their trust in your store. So you need to spend time and effort to find a suitable stall, which is good for your business.

  • Market survey. It is very important to do market research before starting a fragrance business. You can understand the price and quality of the industry to help you accurately target customers. What’s more, it is very important to your business plan and will also serve as a reference for setting a budget for your rental market stall.
  • Attractive perfume counter. The material, finish, layout, and color of the Perfume kiosk are all very important.  Besides, businesses can develop a 3D design before opening. Besides, it will help you get approval from the mall and you can also tweak the design for a final decision.
  • Stable supply. For perfume shops, the quality and supply channels of perfume are very important. So that a stable supply can help you save money and it may get a certain discount. Because you are long-term cooperative relationship. This will help you to open your store smoothly and get more profit. Moreover, a stable supply of goods can also provide a guarantee for your products. Making more customers prefer to buy goods from you.
  • Professional sales staff. It is very important to hire a professional fragrance shopping guide. And you can also provide regular training for employees to improve their professionalism. In addition, they will provide customers with warm service and help customers choose the right products. So it can win word of mouth and get more old customers. At the same time, it can also make people feel the professionalism of your store and increase customer stickiness.
  • Sales strategy. Sales strategy is very important for all businesses, especially for a new perfume store. Therefore, it brings sales performance and profit. So, people need to know you approve of you to buy your product. However, the marketing strategy is the medium through, which your product and brand values are communicated to your guests. What’s more, arouses customers’ desire to buy, to obtain long-term and stable cooperation

Location of perfumes stall

Because different shopping mall locations require different rents. Besides, different customer traffic and shopping mall customer positioning will affect your profit and turnover. In addition to rent and stalls, here are a few things you need to seriously consider. Because everyone loves freshness and if your perfume shop stands out. Then I’m sure people will be impressed with you. Therefore, choosing a customized perfume counter is a wise choice. It can help differentiate you from your peers.

How much does a perfume kiosk cost?

Many people worry that customize perfume stall is very expensive. Mall-Kiosk offers a good price perfume stand for business. A 10ft by 10ft mall kiosk only cost 7800 USD, it includes glass counters, storage cabinets, brand logo, led light, and wires. So it is a complete service kiosk that you can use directly. Because we are a direct factory, we can master the raw materials, production processes, and procedures. Besides, our company provides a full service from design to production to installation to transportation. So whether you are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Europe, or other countries, we can make the perfume stall you want. Contact us now whenever you need a perfume kiosk. Then we can share our recent works with you and talk details to proceed.