How about begin with a pharmacy kiosk in the shopping center? The pharmacy kiosk mainly uses to store and display various medicines. And laboratory drug display cabinets use to display and store drugs. We can use it in experimental fields such as biomedicine, food inspection, physical chemistry, environmental science, and chemical analysis of natural energy. Medicine cabinets generally include three types according to their materials: wooden medicine cabinets, stainless steel medicine cabinets, and traditional Chinese medicine cabinets. Merchants can add new elements to make the pharmacy kiosk reflect the shop theme and be suitable for business. It has glass cabinets, a reception counter, a storage drawer, operates area, a pickup counter, a brand signage area, etc. Whatever how unique a pharmacy kiosk you need, you can get it from our website.

Everyone likes a custom pharmacy kiosk before starting a business. Mall Kiosk has made professional designs and practical prescription drug cabinets and beauty kiosks for over 20 years. Merchants can get an ideal medication booth from us because we have a professional design team, a skillful construction team, and an after-sales team. Our company has a workshop and installation room, and workers will complete all the pharmacy counter steps and clean each cabinet. Then pack well with foam and wooden boxes for shipment. If you plan to start a business, don’t hesitate to contact us now. Learn more information together.

Pharmacy store counter for sale

The pharmacy wall shelf is an essential classification in the pharmacy shelf. Setting the pharmacy shelf against the wall can make reasonable use of the space and facilitate the pharmacy clerk to store and display medicines. Drugstore shelves are a must for every pharmacy and can bring a certain amount of customers. Which display racks does the store need to purchase?

  1. pharmacy kioskWall display cabinet. Wall cabinets can display traditional Chinese medicine and prescription medicine, and non-prescription pharmacies. Prescription drugs are suitable for setting inside the wall cabinets in the exhibition hall. Chinese medicine cabinets sets on the side wall of the pharmacy shop. And the doctor can concentrate on dispensing medicinal materials according to the measurement.
  2. Glass showcase. Glass display cases are suitable for displaying prescription medicines. Because it has a glass display case with a lock, guests can get pharmacies with the help of a doctor. Slogans, store names, and lightbox paintings add on the front of the counter. And the cabinet doors behind to increase storage space.
  3. Double-side pharmacy display. Merchants can choose the middle island shelf with a double-sided display according to the area of the pharmacy. Non-prescription drugs are good to place on the double-side shelves on the island of the pharmacy store.
  4. Cash register counter. The height of the pharmacy cash register should be around 810mm. You can configure shelf displays on the cashier. It is a good idea to display some low-priced, best-selling products that are convenient for customers to buy impulsively.

There are various styles of drugstore shelves, and different pharmacy displays have different sales strategies and shop effects. Merchants can choose according to the actual situation. View more pharmacy shop design ideas now

Pharmacy counter measurements

Pharmacy display is essential for pharmacy shops and pharmacy counters. Besides, the pharmacy shop furniture includes a cash register counter, prescription drug wall cabinet, traditional Chinese medicine counters, medical device shelving, etc. So merchants can also add consulting rooms, laboratory counters, and dispensing rooms according to your store. Whether you plan to open a pharmacy or a pharmacy kiosk in a mall, you can choose the correct pharmacy display to start your business.

  1. Pharmacy reception area. The pharmacy checkout area uses for payment, consultation, and sales. You can set up image walls and shelf displays behind the cash register. The size of the cash register is 1600*580*860mm, depending on the area of the cash register.
  2. Pharmacy prescription area. People cannot buy prescription drugs without a prescription, so not allow clients to touch the prescription medicine cabinet. The prescription cabinet contains multiple groups of wood structures and glass, and the size is 1000*500*950mm. The size of the prescription back cabinet is: 1000*500*2200mm
  3. Non-prescription drug display. Compared with prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs are daily medicines for poeple to buy. So medicines are usually set on open kiosks, which include a single-sided display and double-sided shelves. Single-sided shelf size: 1000*450*1000mm Drugstore double-sided shelf 1000*650*1200mm. We can customize the size for you.
  4. Medical equipment area. Most pharmacies will sell small medical equipment, such as wheelchairs. So the display shelving has to ensure load-bearing. The fashion shelves here use steel wall shelves with bold columns.

Pharmacy kiosk material

Pharmacy kiosk counters use different materials to achieve a unique custom kiosk effect. Merchants can choose suitable materials to make pharmacy kiosks according to their needs. The door hinges are for laboratory display. It has excellent properties such as acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, and no rust. The baseboard of the counter is made of 304# stainless steel, with built-in thickened Plywood, which is waterproof, protects the counter, and prolongs the service life. We will also add movable shelves inside the counter for convenience.

  • Aluminum pharmacy counter. The frame uses thickened aluminum alloy profile, and the surface treatment is epoxy resin electrostatic powder. It has the characteristics of no rust, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong bearing capacity. The cabinet body is high-end environment-friendly E1 MDF, which has anti-corrosion, fire-proof, waterproof, and moth-proof properties. Merchants can choose wooden swing doors for internal storage medicine cabinets or glass sliding doors for displaying medicines.
  • Steel pharmacy kiosk. The cabinet body and door choose high-quality cold-rolled steel panels, and all workpiece manufacturing processes include die stamping, bending, welding, etc. It has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, rust resistance, and long service life. Sellers can set movable glass shelves in the cabinet to adjust the floor height freely.
  • Wood pharmacy cabinet. The cabinet body uses MDF as the primacy material, and the surface is high-gloss baking varnish. Smooth and bright can present the product well. We can also use Plywood to make wooden cabinets, and the surface treatment uses wooden laminate or veneer finishes, which have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, fire prevention, waterproofing, and moth resistance.