The Pillow kiosk mainly displays and sells all kinds of pillows, lumbar support, etc. We all know pillows are necessary for our lives, and suitable head pads determine people’s sleep quality to a certain extent. There are many types of pillows on the market, and guests can choose the right one according to their needs. As a merchant, it is necessary to customize an attractive and helpful pillow kiosk. You can better showcase various types of pillows for sale and, at the same time, be able to highlight your brand identity impressively. Regardless of your store size and location, you can find a suitable pillow kiosk design solution at Mall-Kiosk. View more pillow booth designs from our website and customize pillow stands.

With the development of the times, the styles, shapes, and functions of pillows are varied. Now is an excellent opportunity to start a pillow business. Merchants can sell head pads and provide customized pillow cores and pillowcase services. Customers can print photos on pillows or embroider beautiful patterns and slogans on pillowcases to obtain beautiful meanings. Whether you open a pillow retail store or a mall booth, you can decorate the pillow store according to your ideas and brand concepts. Good shop decoration, high-quality products, favorable prices, and warm-hearted service will help your business further.

Is it profitable to open a specialty pillow shop?

A Pillow shop is a very profitable business, and choosing a pillow display that is both beautiful and functional is imperative. One-third of a person’s life is spent sleeping. With the improvement of people’s health awareness, more and more people realize that choosing a comfortable pillow is very important to ensure the quality of sleep, and merchants should not underestimate the “pillow” business opportunities. No matter when you start your pillow business, you can be successful.

  • Pillow KioskMarket prospect. There are many kinds of pillows. In addition to ordinary pillows, natural plant pillows such as fragrant flowers and wild grasses, magnetic therapy pillows, and bamboo charcoal pillows are sought after by people. As the concept of health science is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, people can use pillows as gifts for family, friends, and colleagues in addition to their use.
  • Investment analysis. The initial investment for opening a pillow shop in a shopping mall is around US$20,000-50,000. Among them, the store rent is about 1500 US dollars to 3000 US dollars, depending on the location of your shopping mall and the size of the leased booth. Purchase pillows, pillowcases, and other products for about $10,000. For newly opened stores, you can purchase different categories of pads and then restock them according to demand. Getting a stable supplier will help you keep costs under control. The Pillow kiosk costs about 7800usd, according to the pillow booth design.

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How to open a pillow kiosk?

  1. Pillow kiosk decoration. Pillow kiosk in the mall emphasizes the harmonious matching of colors and display cabinets to highlight product features. The color can attract customers’ eyes and enhance their desire to buy. The placement and shape of the pillow display need to highlight the product features and improve the store’s memorable atmosphere. Merchants can also add lighting decorations to make the store look dreamy and unique.
  2. Pillow booth location. Unique pillow shops mainly deal in mid-to-high-end products, and their consumer groups should have specific purchasing power. Therefore, it is best to choose stores in high-end shopping malls and brand commercial streets, or even supermarkets. In the pillow store, people can buy related products simultaneously, such as Sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, etc.
  3. Business suggestion. When opening a unique pillow store, you should pay attention to choosing the right opening time. When opening, many customers will feel very fresh about all kinds of pillows in the store, which will help to obtain the first batch of customers. Improving the service quality of shop assistants will help you gain a good reputation, and it will also help you promote your products and enhance your brand competitiveness. Merchants can also print some brochures about pillow health care knowledge and give them to every customer, which will help increase customers’ trust in you.

How to purchase a suitable pillow kiosk

Whether you open a business for the first time or need to expand your business, purchasing suitable pillow displays is necessary. Merchants can select and customize display counters and shelving for business. Combine pillow showcases to help your business goes well. 

  1. Pillow display shelving. Pillow display shelving at the mall booth is suitable to set near the lease line, and people can view and select pillows easily. When you open a retail pillow shop, it’s good to place it in the front of the sales window or against the wall. It can help sort out unique styles of embroidery pillows and can make full use of space.
  2. Pillow counter: Pillow display counter uses to place different pillows for sale. Height is about 750mm to 950mm, which is convenient for consumers to view and purchase. Sitting near the entrance or service area is good, so you can recommend it before people leave. You can also add 2 or 3 stairs to keep all pillows in a good way.
  3. Mobile RMU carts. Mobile RMU carts can fit in a small location, and it has wheels. You can move them anywhere to indicate items. You can also place it in your retail store as a sample display corner or custom pillow display.

Why choose Mall-Kiosk?

Mall-kiosk company has more than 20 years of experience in the customized pillow kiosks and embroidery kiosk industry. As a leader in the commercial kiosk industry, our company provides professional display cabinet design and production solutions for people worldwide. We offer a complete set of services from design to production, installation to transportation, and your customers enjoy 24/7 online service. Our company has a professional designer team, an advanced production team, a modern production workshop, and an after-sales service team to help you get better pillow kiosk solutions.