Popcorn kiosks are everywhere in malls, mobile theaters, snack bars, and convenience stores. People like to eat popcorn and watch the action in their spare time. Popcorn kiosks are great for selling popcorn, sweet corn, snacks, and beverages. It has glass display counters, popcorn machines, reception desks, lockers, menus, and posters. Color is essential for retail popcorn stands, and dark colors like gray are high-level colors for the store’s theme. Vibrant colors like green and yellow are impressive. Businesses can add lights around popcorn kiosks for decoration and lighting. The popcorn kiosk is also conducive to promoting products and the brand theme, and the novel store decoration also left a deep impression on customers.

Mall kiosk is a leading manufacturer providing customized popcorn kiosks. We have more than 20 years in customizing sweet corn kiosks. We have a team of designers to create a popcorn stall design that incorporates guests’ ideas. Workshop build the popcorn booth according to the confirmed strategy. Our primary purpose is to help people start their first business, expand their business, and creates a high-end brandy food shop theme.

How to start a popcorn kiosk in the mall?

Popcorn is a trendy snack that adults and children like to eat and is also efficient. Open a popcorn shop, and you can have a great business. Before opening the popcorn kiosk, you need to pay attention to the following 3 points:

  • Location: No matter which mall you plan to open, a sound booth is vital. It determines your leads and profits. You can also have popcorn kiosks at bus stops near schools, movie theaters, and snack shops.
  • Popular color: The area of ​​the popcorn shop in the shopping mall is about 6 square meters. The popcorn booth is best with a slightly shimmering beige color, which is similar to popcorn color and complements each other. The lighting in the store must be bright, and the color of the owner’s work uniform is preferably a warm tone similar to beige to achieve the purpose harmony with the decorative style.
  • Product display: A small shelf can be placed in front of the popcorn kiosk so guests can see and choose popcorn. A glass popcorn display is placed next to the cashier. Popcorn’s sweet smell can also stimulate people’s desire to buy. So you can spread the sweet smell of popcorn to impress people. Usually, rest days and holidays are the peak sales season for the popcorn business, and operators should purchase sufficient raw materials to meet the wide-ranging increase in demand.

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How to choose excellent popcorn kiosks?

Customizing the sweet kiosk before the start is necessary because the owner can combine the brand theme, business concept, and products into the design. Merchants can also arrange the counters’ design, layout, and equipment location for better usage. If you don’t know how to choose a popcorn booth, the below four tips may help you.

  • popcorn kioskDiscuss popcorn kiosk decoration. Everyone has extraordinary ideas and location sizes, so talking about popcorn kiosks is necessary. You can tell us the kiosk size, color, layout, and brand logo. They determine how unique is your popcorn kiosk. If you have material and decoration requirements, please contact us in advance. You can also send us a reference kiosk photo. We can make it fit your business.
  • Make popcorn booth design. The mall kiosk design drawing needs 300 USD. Designers to make popcorn booths and nuts kiosk designs according to special requirements. It shows the sweet corn kiosk color, material effects, working counter looks, and everything. Our design team will render clear photos from all angles so that you can view the details exactly. The 3D design needs about 3-5 work days to complete.
  • Produce popcorn counter. After confirming the final design, we can move to the production step. Workers will prepare materials and cut up wooden panels to make the counter body. The next step is to create surface treatments. Finally, assemble the cabinet door and brand logo, add wires, and you can get a completed corn kiosk. Produce time needs about 25 work days.
  • Packing and shipping. Workers will pack each counter individually for shipping. Inside has Foam with corner protection. Outside are wooden boxes for long-distance shipping. There are counter numbers on the wooden boxes to help you distinguish them. Packing is about 1-2 days, and shipping is about 22 days, depending on which port delivery to.
  • Installation. When you receive the fast food kiosk, you can install them in the shopping center. Just put counters in order and connect wires between them. It’s effortless. You can also find an electrician to help you get the main line into the power supply.

How to increase popcorn sales?

  1. Seek partners: Generally speaking, small business is based on sales. When sales are not guaranteed, it is necessary to avoid backlogs, and popcorn is no exception. Looking for a partner is a good man, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Merchants can negotiate with nearby grocery stores, bakeries, or small vendors to sell popcorn on their behalf and receive a pro-rata share of the proceeds. This way, the popcorn sales will expand, so the sales will also increase significantly, and the turnover will increase to make profits.
  2. Meet the guests’ demands. Popcorn is a kind of puffed snack, which is crispy, sweet and delicious, easy to digest, and will not hurt the stomach if you eat more. The main varieties are rice flowers, popcorn, wheat flour, and brown rice. Wait. After the surface of the raw material is covered with sugar and milk, it is made into different flavors of rice crackers. You can also open a snack kiosk to make a profit. The popcorn uses other raw materials (rice, corn, brown rice, and wheat) mentioned above and can be baked with or without sugar. The operator can create the taste of the popcorn according to the needs. Bringing more consumers, the store is full of customers is also disguised propaganda.
  3. Develop new flavors. Guests love to try something fresh and unique, and so does popcorn. Operators can also try popcorn with a variety of textures. Unique will help them get more potential customers. Such as salty rice, fruit-flavored rice, strange-flavored rice, creamed rice, and other types not yet seen in China. Popcorn shops can also make ready-to-eat snacks such as dried fruit and potato chips to increase sales profitability.