A pretzel kiosk is good to set up in the shopping mall, as it has a delicious taste and exudes a charming fragrance to attract customers. The pretzel kiosk has a seating area, work table, food display area, topping bar, storage cabinet, brand logo, menu wall, etc. Consumers can sit and taste food and take a break. Now is a great time to start a pizza pretzel kiosk because the mall brings tons of potential customers. As your store stands out and you provide warm service and delicious food, you will earn more income. Whether starting your pretzel brand or joining a franchise, you can customize a pretzel kiosk at Mall kiosk.

Everyone can get wonderful pretzel booth designs from Mall Kiosk. As for one of the snack food kiosks, the pizza pretzel booth layout is essential. The reception counter and display counter facing to the clients. So that people can view your shop and order from you soon. Merchants can put the machine on the side counter, which is suitable for making pretzels and crepes. And we can set the workbench and sink at the back. Brand logo, posters, menu, and lighting decoration set in a suitable area to high-level the shop theme.

How to decorate a pretzel shop?

The decoration is vital to a pretzel shop. A good fit-out is impressive, and people will set your store apart from its peers. At the same time, the style of the storefront will also become your brand identity, which is conducive to your establishment of franchise brands and chain stores. We have helped many merchants establish their brands and are designated manufacturers, and their franchisees also order waffle kiosks from us.

  • Material decoration. Our team will help with high-end materials to build the pretzel counters. Plywood is the primary counter material, and the surface treatment is laminate. Solid wood and tile are popular finish decorations and stainless steel kicking. Artificial stone in white or black color looks good. And it is food grade and high level the food shop theme. We note material details in the construction drawing. If you have material requirements, please tell us in advance.
  • Lighting matches. Lighting makes the snack kiosk look good and increases the unique shop theme. Typically, ceiling lights use to add brightness and highlight products. It needs a mall-approved roof. Lighting lamps attach to the countertop and kick to attract eyes’ attention and increase glow. We can also add unique shape lighting in the seating area to increase the warm atmosphere.
  • Color reference. Most people choose to combine colors to make the pretzel shop looks better. We recommend choosing colors that reflect the brand logo and shop concept. Popular colors are natural wood with white or black, blue and pink color, yellow and brown color, etc. That depends on which shop theme you plan to express to the public, upscale, modern, or creative.

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How to open a pretzel kiosk?

Everyone needs to specify a business plan before opening, especially businesses that require financing. A detailed business plan includes marketing strategies, capital budgets, and sales forecasts they help your store open smoothly.

  1. pretzel kioskSite selection. The food and snacks industry has a lot going for it, and you need to choose a great location within your budget to start your cupcake kiosk business. People keep coming to your store, increasing sales and bringing you huge profits. For small-cost entrepreneurs, leasing a 3m by 2m pretzel mall booth is a good idea. The rent is cheap people can earn a profit quickly.
  2. Equipment and ingredients. Equipment and fresh ingredients are essential, as they will determine the working efficiency and the pretzel taste. Merchants can choose the right equipment according to their store strength and put them in the right place. So it is convenient and practical without causing waste.
  3. Pretzel booth decoration. Merchants especially need to pay attention to the decoration style and collocation of pretzel stalls and bakery kiosks. It will attract customers’ attention and help enhance brand influence. You can find Mall-Kiosk’s professional design team to assist you with the pretzel stand decoration and design. Designers will produce stunning 3D designs for your review, where you can visualize every detail.
  4. Pretzel kiosk quality. The quality of the pretzel kiosk is also on point, so pay attention to choosing high-quality raw materials to make counters. Structure, craftsmanship, and material effects will determine your final shop atmosphere. Mall-Kiosk produces customized pretzel kiosks for high-end shopping malls in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Customers and shopping malls have high evaluations and a good reputation.

How to get pretzel counters?

  • Make a pretzel booth design. As you order pretzel counters at Mall-Kiosk, we will produce them according to your requirements. You should first tell us your requirements. And make the 3D design to confirm the final pretzel kiosk you need. The 3D design needs 300usd before the start, and it will refund the total kiosk amount. So you will get free design drawings. Besides, the kiosk amount determines by the pretzel booth design.
  • Produce pretzel kiosk. Produce starts when receiving half the deposit, and we will prepare materials first. Most materials have to customize according to your food kiosk design. Then workers will cut up wooden panels and make the kiosk body. Then workers do surface treatment and assemble the cabinet door, glass showcase, wires, logo, water sink, etc. Merchants can view the process step by step. And produce needs about 28 working days.
  • Package pretzel counters. After testing the whole food kiosk, workers will pack the pretzel counters with cotton corner protection, shockproof cotton, and plastic film. Foam between the inner package and outside package to avoid shaking. It is to protect the counter during shipping.

Pretzel kiosk installation steps

Most merchants care about the pretzel counters installation. However, our Mall Kiosk will solve this problem. And our workers will pre-install the pretzel kiosk and take photos and videos. You can understand how the counters join each other and how to use the kiosks. We will also provide installation instructions to follow. When you receive the goods, just set all counters together and connect the main electronic box to the mall electronics. If you have any questions, contact us immediately. We provide after-sale services.