Protein kiosks are popular in the gym, shopping malls, sports training halls, skating rinks, and pharmacy stores. The protein powder kiosk’s primary uses are to display protein and provide services. It’s also a symbol of your shop and expresses the brand concept to the public. Before entrepreneur start a business, it is necessary to customize the protein powder kiosk. Merchants can plan display areas, reception areas, work areas, storage areas, brand image displays, promotional posters. And you can even design it as an area for guests to rest. Mall-Kiosk provides a unique and attractive protein powder booth; customize your protein kiosk now!

Protein powder has excellent market prospects, and there is always time to open a protein kiosk in a shopping mall. Protein powder is a nutritional food supplement for specific groups of people. As an amino acid supplement food, it can provide essential nutrients due to protein deficiency for young children, the elderly, sports people, patients, and people who want to lose weight because it can lower not only blood sugar and blood pressure but also supplement the protein needed by the human body. You can add a protein powder display to your existing store or open a shopping center kiosk to sell protein powder. Decorating your nutrition depot kiosk can help you gain more business.

How to decorate the protein powder kiosk?

The protein powder shop mainly displays protein powder and provides proper storage for sale. For retail stores, store decoration is essential. It not only makes consumers notice you but also becomes your logo, which helps to establish a good brand image. You can decorate the protein powder kiosk from the following points.

  • Protein KioskDisplay counter design. The protein kiosk needs independent shelf display racks, and you can add light strips on each shelf to illuminate the products. You can also add protein powder can decorations to your service counter for extra attention.
  • Protein powder kiosk layout. A good store layout is convenient for displaying and storing products and for employees to work. Usually, the cash register is also used as a reception desk, so you can receive every customer who enters the store and make good use of the booth space. Glass showcases are placed around the booth so that customers can see the products. The wall display cabinet with a logo can display more products, and it needs to pay attention to stay within the height required by the mall. Merchants can place the necessary equipment in a suitable location. For example, the beverage cabinet is next to the cash register, and customers can purchase it when paying.
  • Color choices. Color is also essential for retail counters. Merchants can choose appropriate color matching and use lighting to create different store atmospheres. For example, white and wood grain creates a straightforward, high-end brand concept. Wood grain has been a popular decoration recently. It is beautiful and makes people feel friendly. It is also a good idea to decorate the protein powder store with gold metal, enhancing your store’s image and making people memorable.

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How to open a protein powder shop?

Protein powder is different from other products. Before opening a store, businesses need approval from the fire department and the Food Safety Administration. And obtain business licenses and other relevant certificates. The most critical entrepreneur needs to find an appropriate place to start a business, and customers can also find you in a fixed stall. It is an excellent choice to create a product booth in the mall because the mall can help you bring stable customers. Next, you must customize a unique product stall to start a business.

  1. Design a protein stall. The protein popper booth design determines the shop theme and atmosphere. Entrepreneurs can find a professional design team to make 3D designs highlighting articles, colors, protein powder shop materials, and effects. The Mall kiosk design incorporates the unique ideas and requirements of the stores and can arrange all the counter layouts in advance to facilitate business.
  2. Make protein counters. Once the design drawings are confirmed, we can make the construction drawings to produce the protein powder booth. In this way, businesses can understand all production details and materials. Mall kiosk provides professional design, production, installation, and transportation services. Entrepreneurs will get the desired retail booth, and easy to start.
  3. Install the protein booth. Installing the protein shop counter is very simple. The merchants only need to place the counters in order and then connect the power cord in the middle of the cabinets. Because all the work is completed in the production workshop, the workers will pre-install the whole protein booth and test it. Then, each counter shall be separately packaged for shipment. Two workers can assemble the counter in the mall.

Buying protein powder kiosk at Mall-Kiosk

Mall kiosk is the leading manufacturer. We have customized protein powder booths, retail booths, food kiosks, and reception kiosks for over 20 years. We have an outstanding team of designers and builders, modern and advanced production lines, highly skilled workers, and a professional service team. Mall-Kiosk provides professional 3D renderings and construction drawings for buyers to review and produces in strict accordance with the confirmed design drawings to ensure that everyone can get the protein booth they want to start the business. Please let us know if you already have your brand and showcase design. We will adjust the size to fit the new booth according to your invention.