Retail Merchandising Units, viewed as RMU stands, are popular among business people. It is a good idea to display and sell different styles of products, including jewelry, boutique, gifts, toys, cosmetics, and even watches. Opening retail merchandising units in the mall is a good idea because it has a small investment, easy to operate, and can earn money back soon. Merchants can decorate Retail Merchandising Units (RMU stalls) to fit business. You can rent a small space to start your business and install universal wheels at the bottom of the RMU stand for easy movement. Mall-Kiosk helps thousands of people start a business, and you can get custom RMU cart designs from us. Check RMU stall options on our website.

Retail Merchandising Units are mainly suitable for retailers or merchants just starting a business and are planning to promote a product or promotional item. Retail merchandising units have a small footprint and are great for displaying products directly to guests. And also a great mall kiosk to promote your brand. Merchants can use Retail Merchandising Units in shopping malls, outdoor malls, streets, large-scale events, and parks. Because of the RMU stand includes display shelving, lock drawers, ceiling, and support. Merchants can attach the menu, brand sign, light box painting, and lighting to the RMU stand.

Materials of Retail Merchandising Units (RMU stand)?

Like the mall carts business, materials become very important for RMU stands. It determines the RMU stand effect and color effect. Therefore, we can choose suitable materials to build the mall retail booth. Below are popular materials for RMU carts.

  • Retail Merchandising UnitsMDF with glossy finishes. Most display cabinets use MDF with shiny baking paint finishes. MDF has a smooth surface and can be made into various unique shapes to decorate the RMU stand. Besides, merchants can customize unique color matching according to the theme. You can add moldings and carvings to make the RMU cart more eye-catching.
  • Wooden with metal frame. Natural wood has become very popular because it can sublimate the merchandising store theme. It can also help merchants to carry out visual marketing. In particular, metal frames are not only for decoration but also as support. Therefore, the retail shop counter has a metal texture and a sense of luxury.
  • Artificial stone countertop. RMU booths generally use white stone countertops because white makes the products look better. Moreover, the artificial stone countertop is durable and can protect the cabinet, which is highly acceptable to customers and shopping mall managers.
  • Glass showcases. Some ring cabinet booths use 8mm tempered glass display cabinets, which can protect items and not affect viewing. It is suitable for permanent booths displaying valuables such as jewelry, cosmetics, watches, etc. And you can add light strips for better display.

Remember to purchase attractive signage materials that closely match the shop atmosphere. You can choose the acrylic logo, stainless steel logo, silk screen logo, and signage logo. If you have material requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Outdoor retail kiosk options

How much buy an RMU cart?

For a customized RMU cart, the final design determines the price. Because the different materials require different production processes, the number of the cabinet will affect the cost. However, you can get high-end RMU carts at factory prices from Mall-Kiosk. We are a manufacturer and have our production team and purchase department. You can get a well-done mall retail stand at 3500usd, from 3D design and production to installation. However, it may cost more than 10000usd locally. Mall-kiosk provides one-to-stop services. Whenever you have questions, you can consult our sales team.

How to build a retail cart in the mall?

Before starting a business, it’s necessary to get a suitable location to start a business. As for an open kiosk in the mall, merchants can choose a good design with an attractive kiosk effect. Below are steps to help you build an ideal RMU stand from Mall-Kiosk.

  1. Rent a location. Different locations have different rent fees merchants can talk with the mall manager and rent a booth. With the permission of the mall manager, you can move mall carts to meet more clients and gain business.
  2. Make 3D design. It is good to tell us the retail merchandising unit stand size, color, and style you prefer. Our design team can make the 3D design to show you the final looks. You can view the material decoration, lighting effects, and construction drawings. If you want to view unique styles, we can modify them to the 3D design.
  3. Produce retail cart. Once you confirm the design drawing, we can move to the production step. Workers produce the retail carts according to the construction drawing. So you can double-check the design drawing before starting. And will also install it at the workshop, so you can use it directly when receiving it.
  4. Packing and shipping. For long-distance shipping, the staff wrapped the mall cart in foam. The outside is wooden boards, and the middle has a sponge to avoid counter shake. We will also attach marks to help distinguish items.

Buy Retail Merchandising Units from Mall-Kiosk

With the progress of society, most transactions now like to be conducted in department stores in shopping malls. Not only is the environment good, but it is also more reliable. As for large shopping malls and market stalls, large department stores, or supermarkets, the best and quickest way to attract attention.

  • Highlight the brand. The retail industry has a big market, and different brands and products require different showcase styles. Merchants are looking forward to customized retail showcases with their logos. The advantage is to promote the brand and reflect its strength.
  • Display products. A tall showcase can add points to the product, and it can enhance its attractiveness of the product. The luxurious decoration of the shopping mall and atmosphere of the showcase, and good service will help you get a good reputation.
  • Store atmosphere. The style of the showcase determines the positioning. Only by positioning the products well and customizing your positioning style according to the customer base can you attract actual customers to sell the products.