Do you plan to open a shopping centre kiosk? Shopping mall kiosks locates in the central locations of large malls. Guests can see and purchase your products from all directions. For merchants, whether you are starting a business for the first time or planning to promote a new product, a shopping centre kiosk is very helpful. With the progress of society, the shopping centre booth has various shapes, providing convenient business services for people in major shopping malls. The shopping centre booth is better for selling food and drinks, including coffee, cakes, chocolate, fast food, bubble tea, etc. It’s also suitable for selling retailers, like cell phones, sunglasses, boutiques, etc. We can also find beauty salon shops in the shopping mall, such as eyebrow threading kiosks, barber shop studios, and even massage stalls.

Shopping centre kiosks and mall carts are popular business styles and ubiquitous in malls. Merchants can find a suitable location to conduct business and purchase unique shopping centre counters that highlight the shop theme. Special booth styling can help you get more customers and orders. Mall-Kiosk offers attractive retailer booths for everyone, and you can get an ideal mall booth design from us.

Advantages of shopping centre kiosks

Shopping centre kiosk is a popular business model in the market. No matter when you open a store, you will profit by cooperating with professional shopping center kiosk manufacturers. In Mall-Kiosk, you can get high-quality mall retail booths, preferential prices, and a high-end store atmosphere.

  1. Shopping centre kioskHigh-quality Materials. We use high-quality materials to build the whole kiosk counters. We use high-density MDF to build the retail booths and use thickened Plywood to make food and drink kiosks. Surface materials include shiny glossy baking paint, wooden veneer, laminate, and tile decoration. Besides, we use 304# stainless steel kicking to protect the mall kiosks and make them last longer. The mall kiosk has a power system and light strip decoration.
  2. Unique 3D design. Mall-Kiosk provides professional and unique mall kiosk designs. They are following the mall specifications and meeting the shop theme. It needs about three work days to complete. The design fee is 300usd to 500usd, depending on the location size.
  3. Exquisite craftsmanship. We have a team of architects with exquisite craftsmanship, and the workers have more than 20 years of display cabinet production experience. We pay attention to production details, structures, and processes. And the quality inspection department follows up on the production process to ensure quality.
  4. Easy installation. The counters are easy to install because we make a single counter according to the construction drawings. When you receive the counter, just put them in order and connect the circuit to the power supply.
  5. Export wood packaging. Packaging is essential for long-distance sea shipping. Mall-Kiosk provides safety and export wooden packages to protect the mall counters. And we will purchase high commercial insurance for each shipment. Confirm the packaging is intact before you pick up the goods.

Looking for more outdoor retail kiosk design

Mall kiosk design styles

It is easier to start a business to succeed because it has a small investment and a huge potential customer base. Many people open a store in a mall to start a business. You can choose the appropriate mall kiosk design according to your business. The following are popular mall booths among people.

  • Fast food kiosk. Fast food restaurants are popular in major shopping malls people can enjoy delicious food and rest while shopping. The food kiosk is suitable for all kinds of food and drinks. And most of the food court counter includes a reception counter, display showcase, seating area, working bench, and signage wall. So you can sell desserts, snacks, ice cream, bakery, beverages, coffee, juice, bubble tea, etc.
  • Mall cart design. Mall carts view as portable kiosks or mobile kiosks. Business people can move it anywhere to meet more clients. It usually has wheels and is suitable for display and promoting the brand.
  • Retailer booth. Retail booth mainly uses to display and sell various retail products. Such as mobile phones, watches, jewelry, perfumes, gifts, souvenirs, etc. They usually have a glass display case on the top, so it can better present the products to the guests.
  • Beauty salon studio. With the development of society, people accelerate their life pace. Many people tend to open beauty shops in shopping malls so that customers can enjoy beauty services while shopping. For example, hair straightening, hairstyling, eyebrow threading, teeth whitening, makeup, spa, skincare, and massage services.

Opening shopping centre kiosk

Shopping malls and kiosks have become universal. For consumers, shopping in the mall is guaranteed because malls review the brands and business qualifications that settle in. Merchants focus on these tips before opening a shopping centre kiosk.

  • Good location. Merchants should find a suitable mall and high-end shopping center kiosk. A good store location can attract people’s attention and help to increase store turnover. Generally, the entrance of a shopping mall is a relatively busy place, and customers will see it when they enter. And the image wall can leave a deep impression on people.
  • Mall kiosk style. The selected decoration style is necessary for the brand. At the same time, the decoration style should also match the style of the shopping mall. So you can get mall approval soon and open. Usually, shopping malls require complete design drawings and construction drawings to ensure that all details meet the requirements.
  • Required Materials. Most shopping malls have strict requirements on materials, such as flame retardant grades. Merchants can first communicate with the business manager to get the material list and choose the agreement material to make an indoor kiosk. Mall-Kiosk provides retail kiosks for many high-end shopping malls, such as GGP, Westfield, Simon mall, etc. Shopping malls recognize our materials and quality.
  • Open date. Usually, the merchants have a deadline for opening. You can communicate with them and ensure enough time to design and build the mall booth. For the customized mall kiosk, we recommend reserving for around three months. You confirm the final mall booth design and leave enough time to get the mall manager’s approval. Produce time is about 28 working days. Shipping by sea tables 26-32 days, determines by the destination port.