The smoothie kiosk is suitable for selling smoothies, bubble tea, and milkshake in the shopping center. It’s a great idea to open a smoothie kiosk, especially in the hot Summer. Because the smoothie is a drink made from fruit, added with crushed ice, it tastes fine and quenches your thirst. It is a true fusion of fruit and ice cream, the best choice for those who love fruit and ice cream. Merchants can decorate it with brilliant colors to get a lovely and creative shop theme. With the limited mall booth sizes, starters can choose a suitable layout for business. Reception area, working the counter, pick up space, and even seating. Mall-kiosk can also help you get a fantastic smoothie booth solution. Check the smoothie kiosk designs below.

Sourcing a smoothie stand that is unique and attractive is a must. It makes an excellent first impression on people, which contributes to good word of mouth. The shape and decoration of the smoothie shop in the shopping mall will also become a memory point of your store, which is good for promoting the brand concept and the new smoothie taste. Lets’ learn information about juice smoothie kiosk decoration.

Fruit juice stall decoration

Every business has its brand theme and target audience. For smoothie kiosks, the potential customer base is young, so the decoration style should keep up with the trend. The smoothie business changes significantly with the seasons, so enterprises must seize the opportunity to open a pop-up store. Pay attention to 3 points when decorating.

smoothie kiosk

  1. Mobile juice booth layout. The layout of the juice stand depends on the location. When the space and size are different, the design is also different. The layout principle of the counter is to facilitate employees’ work, spread the brand, and facilitate customers to place orders. Therefore, the reception area is usually set in a room with a high passenger flow. A checkout counter will be set up to maximize the use of space. Likewise, glass showcases are set up to display more products.
  2. Smoothie shop color. Lighting and colors make your smoothie kiosk remember all at once. The powder blue and mint green counters seem to be jumping with fresh and delicious fruits. Off-white light chandeliers and pink neon lights create a bright and soft store atmosphere, allowing guests to be on the scene.
  3. Smoothie style quality. The quality of the ice cream kiosk quality depends on the craft and materials. The workers of Mall-kiosk have superb production technology, and a quality inspection team controls the production process. Besides, materials also crucial for food and smoothie kiosks, including plywood or MDF, to build the kiosk body. The surface materials include glossy baking paint, veneer, lamination, natural wooden panel, green grass decoration, tile, etc. The countertop usually uses artificial stone in white color, as it can reflect products and express a clean feeling to clients.

How to get an excellent smoothie kiosk?

  • Make smoothie stall design. The smoothie booth is customized in size, color, and style, following special requirements. Before starting the juice smoothie booth, the person in business should have a clear mind, then show them a straightforward 3D design. Our mall kiosk has a professional design team to cooperate with design services. A fruit smoothie kiosk designed around 3m by 3m costs 300usd. It includes 3D effect photos, a view of all angles, and construction drawings.
  • Produce unique smoothie counters. Production is a crucial part of getting an incredible smoothie cafe booth. It’s a good idea to find a professional mall food kiosk manufacturer where you can get high-end products at great prices. Usually, a mall kiosk costs at least $30,000 or more locally because it has high manufacturing costs. But you only need to spend about $6800 to get a complete smoothie stall in our company. We have cooperated with raw material suppliers and have a purchasing team. From material preparation to production, the assembly will be completed in our workshop, and you will get regular updates on the production progress. The production time is about 26 working days.
  • Installation in the mall. When the smoothie kiosk is complete, we will install it and take photos for confirmation. Then will pack each counter well for shipping. You can put them together at the booth and connect wires. 2 people can complete this work and ask an electrician for help.