Starbucks kiosks are often open in high-end shopping malls and office buildings. People can drink a cup of coffee to pass the time between work or rest days, which is very pleasant. As we all know, Starbucks is a high-end coffee brand. Starbucks coffee shops provide customers with delicious coffee, snacks, and food. It also creates a comfortable and warm store atmosphere. People can gather with friends, study, take meetings, etc. Whether you plan to start a business or invest, now is a great time to open a Starbucks kiosk. Mall-Kiosk will help you customize the Starbucks counter, now browse more design concepts on our website.

Starbucks is a well-known brand, so people need to get a franchise before starting the Starbucks coffee shop. It will increase the start-up costs, but merchants will undoubtedly get a steady flow of customers and sales. At the same time, you can also enjoy Starbucks’ sales strategy, regular training, and food supply. So entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed.

Starbucks kiosk opening process

Before opening a Starbucks kiosk, people should make a details plan. A clear plan will help you obtain a franchise and follow the steps to open a business smoothly while keeping costs in check and avoiding unnecessary expenses and surprises.

  1. Market research. Market research is the most important thing to do when starting a Starbucks shop. You can fully understand the positioning of target customer groups, competitors, industry prices, and profits. Detailed market research and business plan are helpful for your business.
  2. Shop location. People can open a store in a place with many target customers. A good store location can attract more customers and help increase sales. Merchants can choose high-end shopping malls, commercial streets, and near office buildings before starting a business. At the same time, you can also inform the brand of your plan to get more suggestions.
  3. Obtain the opening permit. Every food court counter store needs to obtain relevant permission before opening, such as opening permits, tax registration certificates, and environmental protection certificates. Whether opening a Starbucks coffee shop or a Starbucks kiosk, you need approval from the health department and fire department. Provide detailed store counter layout and design for fast approval when necessary.
  4. Decorate the shop. Starbucks’ kiosk decoration style and store atmosphere are essential. You can combine your ideas and local characteristics to design the Starbucks shop. So you will get a high-end and unique store effect within your budget. Starbucks shop includes a service desk, kitchen, worktop, sink, seating area, brand logo, menu, decorative lights, posters, etc. You can choose display cabinet manufacturers to assist you with the Starbucks kiosk production work. Mall kiosk has more than 20 years of design and production experience, and you will get ideal and practical Starbucks shop furniture.

Starbucks kiosk marketing strategy

Every store needs to formulate a suitable marketing strategy before and during the opening. Including sending brochures before the start, people can learn about your new store opening offers, and it is easy to enter the store to buy. So merchants will get your first customers and get good word of mouth. Merchants can regularly formulate different marketing strategies to acquire new customers and bring freshness to old customers.

  • starbucks kioskGood coffee quality. Merchants insist on providing customers with high-quality espresso coffee. You can choose a guaranteed quality machine for the espresso kiosks and install a matching water filtration system to make coffee. All while using a professional bevel gear grinder and delivering the highest quality, freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans. In addition, you need to hire professionally trained and skilled baristas to provide customers with high-quality coffee and food pairings from beginning to end.
  • Reasonable pricing. The product price needs to be determined by market averages and customers’ expectations of the product’s value. Of course, as a member of the Starbucks coffee brand, you will adopt the established price mechanism. You can add new menus according to guest preferences. Set up signs such as “our special” or “today’s best drink” to attract customers to taste and buy.
  • Enrich product categories. Merchants can place cakes, biscuits, sandwiches, and other meals in a prominent place, and customers can buy them together. As a high-end coffee brand, the coffee and food tastes of Starbucks shops should not be too much. Overly complex flavor choices will have a detrimental effect. Therefore, plan your product and flavor assortment in principle. For example, each product launches three flavors because increasing new flavors will lead to more costs.

Opening a coffee shop ideas

Starbucks store design features

Starbucks cafes always have a place that makes people nostalgic. Every detail of Starbucks store design, layout, and decoration fits the shop theme. Merchants consider space layout from the perspective of consumers. And pursue the ultimate user experience. The coffee shop design of Starbucks is an artistic style with local characteristics. And the in-store signs of local customs and customs are perfectly integrated with local catering supplies. As for a coffee kiosk factory, Mall-Kiosk provides professional 3D design and product installation services. Consider, for example, how colors work differently in various countries. The design of Starbucks kiosks pays attention to detail localization and incorporates innovative and modern decoration methods to bring different experiences to guests.

Seat Design and Arrangement

Starbucks is very clear about its positioning and target customer base. The combination of coffee stand bar tables and bar stools makes it easy for people to read and do urgent work. At the same time, Starbucks stores have seat combinations to suit the different needs of customers.

  1. A comfortable sofa. Suitable for some more leisurely customers. They spend their spare time meeting with friends here. There are always a few people sitting on the sofas and chairs. Making Starbucks is not deserted, thus getting more customers.
  2. Wooden seats. Although it is not as comfortable to sit on, it is more suitable for using a computer and writing something, and business people pay more attention to practicality. At the same time, the wooden seats have a flexible space combination structure. When the Starbucks store business is good, the sofa can be removed and replaced with wooden tables and chairs, bringing higher floor efficiency.
  3. Multiple seat types. The design layout of various types of seats, tables, and chairs, especially the design of office environment seats, makes the space of Starbucks coffee a high level, and the visual effect is richer. And the aesthetic feeling of the shop is enhanced.