Both adults and children love candy, so it’s a great idea to start a candy kiosk to earn money. Open a candy counter in a bustling shopping mall and let sweet candies become a weapon for your business. If it’s your first time starting a candy business, these steps may help you.

Steps to start a candy business:

  • Market research:

Before starting a candy store business, merchants need to conduct market research first. Knowing your target market and customer groups will help you run a smooth business. First of all, it is necessary to clarify the business direction, consider what types of candies to sell, what the price positioning is, and how to carry out marketing and promotion. Moreover, market research helps to designate a complete business plan, which is essential whether you need to find partners or financing. You can even use this to convince the mall manager to successfully obtain a stall for business.

  • Find a suitable location:

An ideal location is very important for the candy kiosk business. Merchants can choose shopping malls with large passenger flow, and by observing the passenger flow of the target audience, the decoration style of the shopping mall, and the distance from competitors, they can develop opening plans and publicity. A good location will help guests see you and leave a lasting impression on them. Of course, you need to choose a stall according to your budget. Usually, the higher-end shopping malls have higher rents and require more start-up capital. At the same time, shopping malls may also have corresponding requirements for the brands that enter.

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  • Purchase equipment and materials:

Choosing high-quality candies is the most important step in starting a business. If the candy tastes good and is paired with your warm service, you will gain many loyal fans and regular customers. At the same time, if you also sell marshmallows, it is also important to design a cotton candy kiosk, purchase the necessary equipment, and arrange them in the right location of the stall. If you don’t know how to lay out the counter, Mall Kiosk’s professional team of designers will help.

  • Contact suppliers:

Candy supply and stable candy suppliers are very important for the sustainable development of the business. Merchants can establish contact with reliable candy suppliers, negotiate purchase contracts and delivery methods, and ensure the stability of supply. Check the snack kiosk design. If you plan to join a candy brand, the brand owner will provide the supply. Complete the relevant procedures such as the shopping mall lease contract, business license, etc. to ensure a smooth opening of the store.

  • Recruitment and training:

Recruit suitable salespeople and managers, conduct product knowledge and sales skills training, and ensure that employees are familiar with the business. Training your employees at the same time can help you increase sales and customer satisfaction. Employees are the face of the store, and they need to know how to effectively introduce and market candy to customers. Training them about candy and how to interact with customers can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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  • Marketing strategy formulation:

Develop effective marketing strategies based on market conditions and target customer needs, such as promotional activities, membership systems, etc. Regularly updating your candy display helps maintain freshness and appeal for your guests. Regularly updating the candies in the display cases keeps customers interested and fresh. You can also run regular promotions to attract more customers to shop. Find macaron kiosk ideas.

  • Opening operations

After the official opening, continue to pay attention to the operating conditions, adjust business strategies promptly, and strive to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Timely feedback and adjustments can help you continuously improve and optimize the design and functionality of your display cabinets. Collect customer feedback regularly and make adjustments based on feedback. For example, if you worry about a candy kiosk being stolen, consider placing it in a more visible location or increasing your inventory. These details can help you better meet your customer’s needs and increase sales.

Candy kiosk decoration

Merchants can choose appropriate sweet kiosks based on their business style to create a warm and attractive shopping environment. Candy display cabinets are an indispensable part of the shopping mall.

  1. Identify our target audience. Understanding your target audience is key to designing a successful display case. If your target audience is primarily children and teenagers, use bright colors and fun shapes to appeal to them. At the same time, pay attention to the packaging and design of the products to make them look more attractive.  For example, you can use bright candy colors to decorate the display case or choose a background color that matches the color of the candy.
  2. Choosing the right material. The material of the display cabinet relates to the appearance and affects the function. Materials such as glass, metal, and wood make counters in a good way. Its durability, ease of cleaning, and safety need to be considered. These factors are important guarantees to ensure that the display cabinet can be used for a long time and maintain its beauty. Choosing eco-friendly materials and designs can help your display cabinets be more sustainable. Environmentally friendly materials are generally more durable and don’t need to be replaced as frequently.
  3. Using proper LED light. Good lighting can highlight the features and colors of the candy. Use soft lighting and reflective surfaces to make the candy more eye-catching in the display case. At the same time, avoid using lights that are too dazzling to avoid making customers feel uncomfortable.
  4. Adding some interactive elements. It can increase customer engagement and purchase intention. For example, you can set up a transparent glass window so that customers can observe the details of the candy at close range. A touch screen is also convenient for customers to learn more about the candy.

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Candy kiosk Layout

Innovative display methods can increase the appeal and interest of display cabinets. In addition to traditional display methods, you can also try some innovative methods, such as using hanging shelves, three-dimensional displays, etc. These unique display methods allow customers to better appreciate the appearance and characteristics of the candies, thereby stimulating their desire to purchase. View the sweet kiosk

Prominent branding can help your display cabinets become more recognizable and attractive. Set up separate display areas for each major candy brand to highlight brand features and product advantages. At the same time, this also makes it easier for customers to better understand and choose their favorite brands and products.

In terms of layout and zoning, the unique candy kiosk layout should be clear and easy to navigate. Section candy by type, brand, or color so customers can easily find the candy they want. At the same time, keep the aisles clear so that customers can freely shuttle between display cabinets.

Utilizing space can help you maximize the display of more of your products. Consider using multi-tiered shelves or space in corners to maximize display space. At the same time, the placement of products should be reasonably arranged so that customers can easily find the products they want.

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