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Store fixture is any equipment or furniture that is used to display products. The most commonly used store fixtures are shelves. However, there are other various types of fixtures, such as display racks, mannequins, display cases, signage holders and stall walls. Retailers mostly decide on the type of store fixture required, but they sometimes collaborate with experts to produce a particular fixture with a unique branding style.

Here at Kiosk, we offer you different designs of store fixtures for sale. Are you looking to buy store fixtures in Toronto? Our design and engineering team have got you covered!

In past years, store fixtures for sale were made for the primary purpose of displaying and storing products. However, with the increase in the need for store fixtures, the design and manufacture of store fixtures have become more competitive than in previous years. Instead of regular store fixtures for sale, retailers require unique and branded fixtures that will make their product stand out.

Kiosk is a company with years of experience branding and customizing store fixtures for sale. We offer unique pieces that will align with your brand identity and branding vision!

The importance of store fixtures in retail business cannot be overemphasized. Visual merchandising helps to utilize store fixtures at its full potential. We offer store fixture services that include selecting an appropriate layout that optimizes traffic flow, window display that is appealing to prospective customers, branding and designing signage and much more.

At Kiosk, there is a high level of excellence that we offer in the store fixtures we have for sale. With this, you can rest assured of high-quality products. Satisfying our customers is of high priority to us. To this end, we will provide a broad section of fixtures from which you can pick your choice. With our store fixtures, a properly planned retail process plus the availability of resources that are needed to enhance your retail store space, we assure you of improved overall efficiency.

Looking to buy store fixtures in Toronto? Kiosk has got you covered!

Buy Store Fixtures In Toronto

Store Fixtures For Sell

Store fixtures are available for various products. Here at Kiosk, we offer different types of store fixtures for sale. If you are thinking of combining different store fixtures for sale, you are at the right manufacturer. Some stores fixtures for sell include:

Jewelry Store

Jewelry store fixtures are used to display jewelry in elegant mall kiosks. Kiosk is well known for store fixtures sales. We have jewelry store fixtures for sale, which come in raw steel, leatherette, aluminum frames, wood, durable melamine laminates and acrylic materials. We offer a wide range of store fixtures to different clients based on their budget. We also have display store fixtures for sale made with original oak and attractive wood veneers. They are also strengthened with tempered glass that provides safety.

For business people who will like to launch into jewelry retail business, you need an effective fixture maker that will help equip your store with durable fixtures, where jewelry can be arranged. Jewelry is quite different from other retail products as there are hardly any cases of high foot traffic in jewelry stores. In lieu of this, nice, standard and luxury jewelry store fixtures are required.

Well-merchandised jewelry store fixtures are needed to complement your watches, gemstones and artifacts. We also sell a variety of designs from countertop to floor-standing fixtures. They are all available in different styles, such as earring display racks, necklace holders, bracelet display stands etc.

Looking to buy store fixtures for your jewelry store? Kiosk has got you covered!

Cell Phone Store

Cell phone store fixtures are essential because no matter how big or small a retail store is, they are needed to display phones for better attraction. In the retail business, maximizing the average revenue that your company gets on every space is important. When maximized adequately, retail space can stand as the most efficient and productive salesperson.

In Canada and Toronto, Kiosk is the primary manufacturer of store fixtures for retail businesses. We have various cell phone store fixtures to sell and specialize in providing high-quality store fixtures for customers all over the world. We sell affordable fixtures with guidelines for display requirements to make things easier for you.

Not only do we help in selecting the appropriate material for store fixtures, but we also implement the latest technology when you decide to buy store fixtures from us. Our services come with simplicity and easy method of installation for users.

Available cell phone store fixtures for sale are flexible. So much so that you can divide and create space as frequently as there is a need for it, based on the increase rate in the market change. Our cell phone store fixtures will not only attract customers but will also convince them to make a purchase.

Candy Store

Candy store fixtures are used to stock sweets, bubble gum, licorice, taffy, spices, chocolate and other candy products. Our store fixtures have been designed to suit all your retail shop needs. Sweet candy is of popular demand in most parts of the world. If you own a mall kiosk, when you want to buy a store fixture to showcase your product, you should bear in mind the modernization that goes on around you. You wouldn’t want to purchase an old fixture for your candy. Rather you should go for new models with various levels of functionality.

We have the right table, cash register stands and shelves suitable for the display of your candy/sweets. Here at Kiosk, we have candy store fixtures for sale that will display your products in the most amazing manner. In the same vein, we provide fixtures with eye-catching and spacious design.

Candy shop signs are also useful, as it provides the appropriate signage for your customers. It provides an easy way to locate your shop and, therefore, your candy products. You can place a customized candy shop sign outside of your business to showcase your business name. Also, stands and poster frames can be used to clearly mark your business/shop entrance and promote sales and attract passersby. Candy shop signs like waterproof snap frames will enable you to change previous messages if need be easy. Inside your store, sign messages also make it easy for customers to identify the kind of candies available.

However, the fact that signage makes shopping easier for your customers does not imply that the design has to be boring. As a part of our store fixtures services, we provide colourful banners and posters that can be used to spice things up. We also offer customized flags and tablecloths that will fit your brand.

Candy store fixtures with glass front are a perfect choice for delicate treats and snacks. Candy display cases come in various shapes and sizes. You can buy the wooden store fixture if you prefer a more rustic appearance.

Buy store fixtures with multi-functionality and merchandise-driven shelving units at kiosk store fixtures. These shelves are a better display option for boxed gum and candy. It also helps to maximize candy visibility and allows the ability to insert price tags.

Shoe Store

Footwear retailers understand the importance of footwear needs. They also understand that shoe store fixtures are needed to make heels, sneakers, sandals, slippers and boots appeal to customers. Are you looking to buy store fixtures for your shoe store, Kiosk has got you covered. We have shoe store fixtures for sale, alongside shelves and furniture.

Shoe store fixtures are available in a wide array of styles, from a single shelve that contains just a pair of sneakers/shoes to an extensive display table that can accommodate a wide variety of flats, boots, heels, high tops all at once.

The display table is handy for footwear organizations in a retail store. In most stores that sell footwear, kiosk and slant wall panel is the most common equipment used for sales. For sport and athletic stores, slat wall store fixture is the most appropriate design for usage.

For shops that offer slippers and kids shoe stores, dumb bins are high fixtures that can be used for display. At Kiosk, we have different designs of shoe dump bins that can contain many pairs of slippers footwear.

As a business owner, study your customer’s reactions while they are making a purchase. Quite a number of them will want to try their shoes on at your store or mall kiosk. Therefore, a comfortable seat should be provided for them. Our shoe store chairs are the perfect option for customers to try out a chosen footwear.

You can also buy store fixtures that will help upscale how your products are displayed. Mannequins with raised feet can be used to showcase the latest boot or athletes’ shoes. If you are looking to buy store fixtures for your shoe store, our design team can assess your space and design the best fittings for you.

Optical Store

Optical store fixtures are one of our major products. For an optical showroom, we offer unique modern styles combined with different trendy store fixtures for sale. Kiosk offers a wide variety of visual store fixtures that are chosen based on good quality standards. With the help of our experienced designers, we can help create layout and planning that is best suitable for your optical shop display or sunglasses to meet your specific needs.

The design of your optical or optometry clinic will not only create a positive workspace, but it also enhances customer experience. Store fixtures for optical display are quite different from the one used in retail shops as eyeglasses need bright and elegant fittings to appeal to customers.

Kiosk can maximize your sale by customizing your store fixtures through store design, architectural input, usage of dispensing cabinetry and installation of eyewear displays. We also have experts that are good with store furnishings. Our experts can help with shelving, mounted wall displays, cabinetry storage solutions, exam room desk, store fixture casework for your eyewear and lots more.

Retail Store

Retail store fixtures such as stands, racks, shelving and more help impact profit for both stores and service providing businesses. As a business owner, choosing the right furniture and fittings for your retail store is essential, as it influences the visibility of your product. You can determine the customer traffic flow if retail store fixtures, such as check-out counters and freestanding shelving, are well placed. Also, backroom storage fittings as non-important as they may sound, help to control inventory, speed up replenishment and reduce out-of-stock time.

This shows that there is a need for professionals when there is a need to buy store fixtures. Are you looking to buy store fixtures for your retail store? There are various store fixtures for sale at wholesale prices, including sign holders, visual merchandising accessories, register stands and different commercial sales furniture.

Our store fixtures are available in a range of styles and designs that can contain a full range of merchandise. We offer fixtures from essential cash wraps to furniture that is focused on a particular product like clothing, sunglasses, jewelry etc.

Store managers and operators understands that, the faster a product sell, the more there is an increase in the return on assets. This is also applicable to retail stores. The easier it is for customers to communicate with the merchandise, the more likely it is for them to purchase the product. Our store fixtures at Kiosk are designed to improve visibility, stability, and security in retail environments.

Pharmacy Furniture

Are you looking to buy store fixtures for your pharmacy? Then, look no further than Kiosk. Kiosk is a leading distributor in Toronto and Canada. If you need a pharmacy design, or you need pharmacy shelving for your medical supplies, our design and carpentry team at Kiosk has got you covered.

Kiosk has elegantly and beautifully designed pharmacy store fixtures for sale. We provide the highest quality drugs display showcase, pharmacy furniture fixtures, shelving and under-counter cabinets that suit your requirements. We also have experts who will guide you through the proper selection of store fixtures for your pharmacy. In the same vein, we have well-designed counter cabinets and shelving that will help create an organized and pharmacist workstation that is pleasing to the sight.

If you are looking to boost the outlook and design of your pharmacy, we have designs that can be used for the pharmacy drop-off and pick-up counters as well. Our drug display and drug bay are designed professionally, simple to assemble, has a clean trim appearance, and easy shelf height adjustment. Our shelving can help improve your workflow, thereby enhancing your service to your customers. These shelving are designed to accommodate various inventory and are very flexible.

At Kiosk, we can help develop customized pharmacy store fixtures as well as assist you in creating a well-constructed layout for your pharmacy retail store. Contact us today to buy store fixtures for your pharmacy!

Clothing Store

Clothing stores use a variety of clothing store fixtures such as salesman clothing racks, mannequins and forms, boutique clothing racks, 4-way racks and many others. These clothing fixtures are designed for the active display of hats, eyeglasses, merchandise clothing, handbags and other fashion accessories that are usually sold at retail stores.

Kiosk is the leading provider of store fixtures for sale for your clothing store. We design and build clothing store fixtures for boutiques including wood shelves, bullnose shelves, tempered glass shelves, slat wall, wrap counters, and register stands, grid walls, clothing racks and more.

There are some things to consider when choosing clothing store fixtures. The retail store space, as well as the mood you want to create in the store, are important factors that our designers consider when designing store fixtures for sale.

Also, when planning your clothing store fixture layout, you should bear in mind that creating good customer traffic flow is essential, as it will help present your merchandise for sale effectively. Our design and engineering team can work together to make sure that you buy store fixtures that can help you control traffic.

We promote visual appeal by using an extensive range of materials and colours to create our store fixtures for sale.  Contact us today to buy the store fixtures for your business!

Cosmetics Store

Kiosk manufactures effective and attractive cosmetic store fixtures that will help maximize your sales, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. You can choose from our variety of cosmetic store fixtures to compliment your beauty products. We have beauty store fixtures for sale, including shelving, set shelving units, costume wood fixtures and custom displays your customers will love.

It is crucial to buy store fixtures, as it will help your customers find products conveniently and easily when shopping for cosmetics products. At Kiosk, we can help you develop a proper layout for your cosmetic store fixtures and shelving to display your products adequately and boost sales by capturing customers’ attention.

Customers need a relaxing and pleasant experience when they visit a cosmetic or beauty store. The whole environment, including the fixtures, has to create a unique atmosphere that supports your brand image. With this in mind, store fixtures should be placed in such a way that customers have enough space to move comfortably from display to display. Cosmetics stores also need glass display showcases.

Kiosk can provide you with the complete cosmetic store fixtures package. We can provide display fittings, design concepts, store maintenance services among many others. Contact us today!

Buy Store Fixtures In Toronto

Are you looking to buy store fixtures that can change the appeal of your business? Contact us today for functional and appealing store fixtures!