A sunglass kiosk is good for starting a business in the shopping mall. With the development of society, merchants can use personalized sunglasses booth to set off their products. Setting a stylish accent (window display) is a must because the sunglasses display showcase determines the display effect of the exhibition and attracts customers to buy. Lighting, color, counter display, and decoration can create a unique store atmosphere and give customers different feelings. Before customizing the eyewear kiosk, you should measure the location size first. And the merchant also needs to determine the decoration requirements of the shopping mall optical shop and strive to meet the customer’s aesthetics, highlighting the shop’s theme and promoting the products. Whenever you need a sunglasses kiosk, Mall-Kiosk can help you get the ideal optical shop design

Sunglass kiosk display and styling, and warm service determine your business. Choosing the right sunglass interior design and placing the glasses showcase can create a good sales atmosphere. Merchants can put them in categories according to the material and style of the spectacle frame to obtain a good display effect. Not only is it convenient for guests to choose from, but also easy to organize.

4 Display Tips for Optical Shop

There is no uniform standard for the display of optical shops. On the whole, it combines with the optical shop’s target market positioning to meet customers’ potential psychological needs as much as possible. Usually, there are three ways to create an optical store display: filled display, display, and emphasis display. You can pay attention to the following four display skills.

  1. sunglass kioskQuantitative skills. All kinds of products have a minimum display and a top display, and optical shops are no exception. Typically, 80% of the maximum display size is sufficient to place glasses so that they attract customers without appearing crowded and cluttered.
  2. Color skills. The color, style, size, etc., of the glasses display cabinet are also crucial. Usually, bright colors are more stimulating to buy. At the same time, color can highlight product characteristics and meet consumer needs.
  3. Distinguish critical displays. Merchants can place high-margin, best-selling products in prominent places. Highlight essential products and improve the sense of commodity value. For example, by putting the main product and related products together, the consequences of the same series are easy to attract attention.
  4. Direction skills. The direction is a crucial point in the display of glasses products. Choose a good angle to display the products to attract customers’ attention. You can cater to the customer’s purchase and focus on the development; the product itself is still a sign. Especially the signage of high-end frames is very obvious, giving customers a stylish and elegant impression.

How to customize a high-end sunglass kiosk?

A high-end glasses showcase is one of the essential preparations before starting to open. Whether the business of the optical shop is good or bad, the shop’s atmosphere is reflected in the glasses showcase. Pay attention to the following 3 points to customize a high-end sunglasses kiosk.

  • Glasses showcase size: It is necessary to measure the booth size, and you can reasonably use the booth area. The best way is to get the floor plan of the mall. If you are planning to open a sunglasses shop, a floor plan is also helpful for determining furniture layout and details.
  • Material of the showcase: Raw material determines the quality and effect of the high-end sunglass kiosks. The most important thing is to choose some cost-effective showcase materials. Of course, we will select suitable materials according to your store atmosphere and effect. For retail display showcase, Mall-Kiosk usually adopts MDF with laminate and 8mm tempered glass as primary materials. You can also use wooden strip surfaces, veneer, and stainless steel to build the cabinets. Jewelry kiosk and watches kiosk also uses tempered glass to produce.
  • Matching appearance: Different materials and cabinet types will reflect different decoration styles. Therefore, the selection of high-end glasses cabinet types and colors should be able to coordinate with the decoration style of the entire store. You can design a professional sunglasses kiosk to help you make up your mind. Do not place the sunglasses display counter at will so that the final display will be messy and affect the shopping mood of customers.

Lights of the optical shop

In the optical shop, the light’s product effect will determine the customer’s purchase. Merchants can create a distinctive and attractive optical shop through lighting and decorative light strips. Lighting design can follow the following three principles:

  1.  Practicality principle. Practicality is fundamental. It is the starting point and essential condition of optical shop lighting design. The store’s lighting is adjusted according to the display needs to provide customers with a comfortable, prominent, and vivid display space.
  2. Safety principle. when designing the lighting of the optical shop, it is necessary to adhere to the guide from beginning to end and follow the correct regulations and requirements. Choose LED energy-saving light strips and install them in an appropriate location. The wires are hidden in the cabinet to prevent potential safety hazards caused by exposed wires. View perfume kiosk decoration
  3. Aesthetics principle. lighting design also has the function of decorating the space, setting off the atmosphere, and beautifying the environment. The lighting design of the showcase design is to match the needs of the glasses display as much as possible and, at the same time, meet the requirements of the interior decoration of the showcase.

Role of sunglass kiosk

The glasses showcase is an essential item in the optical shop. The role of the sunglass kiosk is not only to place glasses to obtain a good display effect. It is also closely related to the store’s decoration style and space layout.

  • Material match style. There are various materials currently used to make optical shop showcases. Merchants can choose materials that match the type of store, such as metal, solid wood, wood grain, stone material, etc. Appropriate showcase materials can highlight product features and brand image.
  • Enhance additional value. As a high-end and high-end display cabinet, glasses display cabinets often play the role of displaying frames and lenses and as a foil. The added value of the frame lenses on display can be improved through the decoration of the glasses display cabinet, attracting more consumers’ attention. ​​
  • Attract consumers’ attention. A good showcase not only has good quality but also has a unique shape design. Unique and innovative showcases, combined with shopping malls and store styles, can promote the sales of goods and bring more profits to businesses.

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