A sushi kiosk is an excellent place in a mall that sells a variety of sushi. Most sushi kiosks have a unique store style, reminding people of your products and impressing them. Sushi mainly highlights the freshness of the ingredients, so the merchant needs to add the required equipment in the work area and arrange it according to the chef’s usage habits. The sushi kiosk’s workbench and storage cabinets are essential, and you will also need to add seating with dining tables. Brand names and logos, food promotional posters, and menu boards are also necessary. Sushi kiosks usually use gray as the primary color to create a mysterious and quiet store atmosphere. No matter what store style you want, you can find them in our Mall kiosk.

How does a sushi restaurant run a business? Sushi is very popular as a kind of fast food. Especially for busy students, office workers, and workers, fast food has become a central part of daily life in contemporary society. Investors are opening a sushi restaurant in an entrepreneurial project with relatively low initial investment costs and high profitability. In particular, opening a sushi booth in a shopping mall on a small scale can not only save the initial capital of the store but also avoid the waste of space when the business is deserted. We all know that fast food kiosk and sushi store operations require a complete and mature set of management methods and processes. Whether it is the selection of the storage area in the early stage, the training of servers, etc., investors need to be careful and considerate.

How to operate a sushi kiosk in the mall?

All businesses want their sushi to be popular and recognized by more customers. Usually, fresh catalog sushi is the more popular brand of sushi. You can highlight your main products and drive traffic and develop potential customers through your main products. And Ruhe makes the business of sushi restaurants better and better is what every business person needs to consider.

  1.  sushi kiosk
  2.   Sushi tore style. Many people think people do not need to rectify when they are used to the previous type of store, but this will make consumers tired of the store. Therefore, properly fine-tuning the store style will give consumers lasting freshness, and this freshness can meet the aesthetic trend of consumers.
  3. Product taste. Like the store style, guests love trying new dishes and flavors. Therefore, developing fresh recipes and regularly investigating customer satisfaction is essential. It helps your business last longer.
  4. Warm heart service. Service is an essential operational point of the store. Good store service will bring a steady stream of customers. Because consumers like warm-hearted high-quality service.
  5. High-quality sushi counter. A high-quality sushi booth is equally essential. That is where your guests order your products and services and determine people’s first impressions of you. So it would be best if you spent the layout and making a market of all the sushi booths. The mall kiosk’s team of designers will provide professional design assistance.

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How to decorate the sushi store?

Many start a business while working, and opening a simple sushi restaurant is a good choice. The sushi restaurant decoration business needs to consider the following three problems.

  • Decoration color. The traditional classical style dominates the color of the Japanese sushi restaurant store. Create an elegant and profound store image. The log color and the combination of bamboo, rattan, hemp, and other natural materials form a simple natural style. Merchants can even soften different elements according to the taste of different ingredients, leaving a deep impression on people. All counters should be of the same color to avoid clutter. The primary and local key areas are displayed. At the same time, it can also eliminate the monotony and depression caused by the same color.
  • Counter layout. The kitchen utensils can be made of stainless steel, leaving a clean image and increasing the dining atmosphere. The counter’s surface is paved with bricks, lanterns, and chandeliers on the top, and many banners are placed at the cashier to create a comfortable and warm store atmosphere. All items are arranged around the potato kiosk counter, and there is a dazzling feeling of fresh food on the table, which makes people’s appetite. Individual card seating tables and chairs in the dining area are contemporary and comfortable. You can also add a bar counter and bar chairs to save space.

Customize sushi booth steps

Everyone wants a unique and valuable sushi kiosk to start a business. It helps create a business and can also express brand themes to clients. Here are the steps to guide you to get a customized sushi stall.

  1. Discuss sushi stall details. You can tell us your ideas and requirements about the sushi snack kiosk: including sizes, colors, logo, and material needs. If there are mall specifications, you can also tell us in advance. That is to help you get approval soon.
  2. Make a sushi kiosk design. The design team creates sushi counter models based on design ideas. It needs about 3-5 work days and 300 USD before starting. You can view all angles of the sushi kiosk in 3D design because our design team will render clear photos. And you can make small changes to view different effects. Once confirm the final design, we can make a construction drawing for production.
  3. Produce sushi counters. Workers produce sushi counters step by step and will update the production process regularly. Lighting, wires, logo, and cabinet doors are completed in our workshop, so the owner can use them directly when receiving them.
  4. Installation. Installation is straightforward because you only have to put each counter together in order and connect wires between them. The real produce photo and the construction drawing guide you to the final effect. If you have any questions, our service team will help you immediately.

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Mall kiosk provides customized sushi kiosks; our company leads the fashion trend and has more than 20 years of experience in the sushi kiosk and food cart industry. Mall-Kiosk has a modern production workshop, an outstanding design team, an experienced construction team, and an after-sales service team. Sushi display can highlight your theme, brand, and store style; you can even add your ideas to make the food kiosks more unique. Merchants can also sell drinks, snacks, etc., at the same time to get more customers. If you have a sushi stall design in mind, send us now and proceed.