Everyone likes sweet food. Sweet food kiosk is good for making and selling all kinds of food, such as macarons, bagels, chocolates, cakes, and more. The sweet booth has a working counter with machine space for work. Merchants can also add glass display showcases near the reception area to increase customers’ desire to buy. Desserts are light and easy sweets, suitable for people of all ages, especially children who like sweets. You can even make simple sweet hot or frozen foods to suit the seasons, such as mung bean syrup, red bean syrup, sesame paste, sago soup, etc. The placement and shape of the counter are critical, it determines people’s first impression of you. Choose an outstanding sweet store counter and macarons kiosk, you will get more customers and go further. At the same time, your dessert shop will also become the symbol of the shop

Before opening a sweet kiosk, it’s necessary to think about your business first. Because when the food is different, the lovely booth also extra. For example, if you plan to open a colorful candy store, you may need multiple wall display cabinets, an attractive center counter, etc. And when you open the sweet corn kiosk, you can make the dessert booth fit for corn and reserve space for a steamer. While you start with a chocolate kiosk and cake stall, it will have many glasses showcased on the counter. Besides, the owner has to think about sweet display design carefully.

How to make the sweet shop attractive?

Whether you open a sweet shop in a shopping mall or on the street, decoration is the top priority. Customers first get to know you through the store decoration and then enter the store to experience your service and taste the sweet taste. An impressive store and counter layouts help you promote your brand and company philosophy. Here are three things to keep in mind when decorating a sweet shop.

  • candy kioskFashion decoration. As a trendy store, dessert shops are mostly fashionable people. Therefore, the decoration of the sweet candy kiosk must be stylish and have its design style. You can display desserts with a glass counter and draw fashionable and exciting patterns on the wall, such as hand-painted comics, etc., to increase the casual and trendy atmosphere of the dessert shop.
  • Bright color. Choose bright colors for the decoration of the dessert shop. Bright colors make people feel happy and relaxed. At the same time, the bright colors are beautiful to customers and attract more potential customers to visit the store. The customers of the dessert shop are primarily young people, students, and office workers. The dark colors are not suitable for desserts’ warm and happy trend. Therefore, when decorating the dessert shop, please pay attention to the use of bright colors; it is best to match it with a sense of vitality and not dazzling.
  • Set the seating area. Regardless of the size of your store, setting up a dining table and bar chair is a must. If your mall booth is tiny, you can extend the work table to a dining table, separated by a divider in the middle. Planning a suitable dining area according to the size of the store will help improve the goodwill of guests and increase practical space utilization.

Outdoor sweet food trailer design

Sweet kiosk style

The style of the dessert kiosk is still based on the kind of dessert it sells. A good decoration style can make the whole store full of vitality and increase the traffic and popularity of the dessert shop. Here are three sweet booth style share with you

  1. Modern fashion style. The main feature of the contemporary and stylish dessert shop is clean and bright. A bright and tidy dessert shop will stimulate the appetite of the guests. A fashionable dessert shop needs to match the overall color of the decoration and layout to be clean and reasonable. In addition to showing the deliciousness of desserts, the display of glass cabinets also needs to emphasize food safety, health and characteristics. Merchants can hang a mirror, which visually expands the entire space and allows customers to see the layout of desserts when they walk outside the store.
  2. Japanese style. The overall structure of a Japanese-style dessert shop should also pay attention to warmth and comfort. Merchants choose warm pink not only to give consumers a warm feeling but also full of a romantic atmosphere. This type of dessert shop attracts most couples and lovers lights. You can even add booths to turn your sweet stall into an online celebrity store to get more traffic and profits.
  3. Farmhouse style. The main feature of the rustic style is freshness and nature, which makes people feel relaxed. The pastoral-style dessert shop must first show the characteristics of the pastoral style in appearance. Such as a blue and white counter design, corner counter, or cashier decorated with some flowers or small plants. The combination of wood grain and tiles also helps to add to the natural atmosphere. At the same time, the sweet kiosk decorative lights should be bright, and the wooden ceiling should be beautiful and reveals the original natural beauty.

Sweet kiosk design

The sweet food kiosk needs a unique design suitable for the mall’s location. As a merchant, you need to plan a lovely booth layout and decoration and purchase appropriate materials to produce. It’s necessary to talk with the mall manager to know the specifications. And show them in a 3D design, you can get an excellent kiosk and start a business soon. You can even view more sweet kiosk effects from design drawings. 

Mall-kiosk has helped thousands of people in business start sweet businesses. All the charming booths are of good quality and have beautiful designs. No matter how unique a sweet stall you want, contact us and get more good ideas. We have a professional design team and a highly skilled building team to help you. If you have any questions, send us an inquiry now.