Taco kiosk is everywhere in the shopping mall, street, and food court. It’s a popular booth to sell delicious local food and snacks, such as tacos, burritos, chips, hash browns, etc. The taco booth has a machine display counter, workbench, food storage space, and topping. Merchants can arrange them properly for usage, and we can also add a water sink with a water system to the taco kiosk. Mall-Kiosk company has customized many unique taco kiosks for the shop owner, and people can get professional food booth designs, good quality snack kiosks, and warm after-sale services. View the unique taco booth design on our website.

How to order a taco booth from Mall-Kiosk?

  • taco kioskTalk about taco kiosk details. Before starting a taco kiosk, it’s necessary to make sure of kiosk sizes and shop themes. Merchants can tell us your ideas first, including size, color, layout, and information. It’s to ensure the customized taco stall is suitable for your business.
  • Make 3D design drawings. When deciding on the food booth styles, the next step is to make the 3D design work. It needs 300usd, and the design team creates food counter models, then renders clear photos at all angles.
  • Confirm the final kiosk design. The shop owner can check the taco stall design drawing carefully. The design team will cooperate with modification if there are new requirements. Produce based on the confirmed 3D design drawing.
  • Produce the taco counter. Produce details are noted on the construction drawing. Workers build the snack kiosk counters step by step and install them at our workshop. So the owner can view and understand the progress through the produced photos.

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Package and shipping

We use soft foam cotton wraps for each taco counter. And we will use the sponge to protect the corner of the counter from collision. In the middle is the foam protection counter. The wooden boxes outside externally use to protect long-distance sea transportation.