The tea kiosk is a mall sound booth selling all kinds of teas. Like milk tea kiosks, freshly squeezed juice kiosks, and fruit kiosks, you can use natural-style materials to decorate tea counter. It looks simple but conveys the theme of high-end, environmental protection, and fashion to customers. The tea table has a display showcase area, storage cabinet, open shelving, seating area, and work counters. Merchants can provide bubble tea, green tea, scented tea, black tea, black tea, and fruit tea to meet clients’ needs. People can also buy dry tea to taste anywhere and anytime they want. Tea booths are good to use in the mall and food stores, as they express a healthier lifestyle concept to people. Learn more about the tea kiosk and get good ideas for your green tea booth.

Bubble tea kiosks, milk tea stalls, modern coffee kiosks, and fresh juice kiosks have a large market. No matter what kind of beverage booth you plan to start, I am sure you will profit greatly. But for merchants, you need to consider your brand, investment cost, and booth size to choose a suitable milk tea bar for business. Here are popular kiosks for you to purchase.

Mall tea kiosk types

  1. tea kioskBubble tea kiosk. The bubble tea booth is one of the popular drink kiosks in the market. We can make it fit a location size of 10ft by 10ft or 3m by 3m. There are many milk tea buckets, freezers, and topping bars for daily business.
  2. Tea bar. Tea bar usually has two layers of countertops, the top one is used to pass items to clients, and the bottom counter is used for preparing tea for clients. You can also add seating chairs for consumers to sit down and rest.
  3. Green tea shop. Green tea shops need larger space than mall booths. It usually has wall shelving for display, a reception counter with the brand logo, tea table to let people experience tea culture. You can also add double-sided display shelving and center counters if space permits.
  4. Mobile tea cart. Mobile tea cart and coffee cart has wheels and can ride or push to different spaces. It is usually used outdoors and for selling ready tea drinks. It has smaller sizes and can have signage and slogans to make people notice you. It’s also a good idea to set up an outdoor tea kiosk or trailer outside the mall to increase sales. It’s easy to operate and can close at night.
  5. Modern tea stall. Tea stall has small sizes view as RMU stand. However, it’s excellent to place in the shopping mall and events. A modern tea stall is a good option if you want to start a business at a low cost. And it’s perfect for promotional events or zero-hour publicity booths. Conducive to the promotion of products and brand image to expand turnover.

Green tea booth design

Every customized tea kiosk starts with a 3D design because it helps merchants make a preliminary plan and reasonably arrange the layout and equipment. Every business wants a unique tea stall to start their business, so professional tea kiosk design is vital.

  • Shop logo design. Innovative signs can highlight the operational characteristics of the tea shop, such as flower tea, fruit tea, dry tea bags, tea gift boxes, and so on. It is simple and clear to convey the business philosophy to the guests, and the beauty and generosity attract their attention. Besides, the store sign is an advertisement with a specific meaning, reflecting the store’s image.
  • Tea kiosk design. The tea booth and smoothie kiosk design have to coordinate with the brand logo. You can use dark colors as the main body to remind people of your product and store theme. Arranging all equipment and display areas can make your store stand out. At the same time, it is convenient to use, improves work efficiency, and impresses guests. If you need a unique tea counter, remember to contact us now. Our professional design team and sales team will get you well.
  • Tea store display. The shelf counter is mainly a great theme with smooth lines. Generally, it should be made of wood or wood grain veneer to create a classical beauty. It can reflect the harmonious whole of your tea stall.

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Decoration of tea shop

In terms of decoration effect, the milk tea booth does not need to be very luxurious. It can be simple and elegant to highlight the elegance. Businesses need to clarify the theme of the decoration first, and the design details fully consider the guests’ preferences. The tea shop decoration beverage kiosk design is bright and comfortable.

  1. Set off the atmosphere. Most customers enter the teahouse to pass the time, relax, and enjoy a moment of comfort. A tea shop can be both a gathering place for friends and an excellent place for couples to date. Therefore, businesses can use music to create a teahouse atmosphere. Most teahouse owners play a lot of classical music so that the tea guests’ bodies, minds, and emotions are mixed with various aromas and blended into the intriguing ancient rhyme.
  2. Lighting decoration. The color, shape, and space of lighting can create a harmonious atmosphere. An eye-catching style for a chandelier, for example, can significantly impact the overall environment. It not only adds an aesthetic effect to the space but also creates a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. Multiple light fixtures in the same room should be color-coordinated or close in style.
  3. Embellishment. In-store embellishment is essential. The layout and structure of the juice kiosk interior decoration should be coordinated with transactions, leisure, and the external environment, giving people a neat, elegant, and comfortable feeling. Merchants can put some flowers and plants, bonsai or giant purple sand, and porcelain bottles for decoration. According to the characteristics of different tea shops, other ideas are adopted to achieve the finishing touch.
  4. Positioning. Different tea stall decoration designs allow you to appreciate different styles, some solemn and elegant, rural and ancient, or Westernized and elegant.