Are you looking for an attractive toy kiosk? Toy kiosk is good to display and sell kids’ toys, dolls, toy cars, etc. It is a good idea to decorate the toy booth with colorful and special counters, which is attractive and looks high-end. The toy kiosk counter includes glass showcases, shelving, counters, and a slat-wall display. Merchants can show more products and convenient for purchase. You can also use it as a mall retail kiosk because it’s also good for cups, souvenirs, and boutiques. The toy kiosk is made of eco-friendly materials and designed with curved corners and counters for kids’ safety. Mall-kiosk provides unique designs and attractive toy kiosks, browse and purchase yours on our website now.

More people start businesses with kids’ toy kiosks. Kids’ toy is conducive to the development of children’s intelligence, and parents can also play games with their children to increase their feelings. With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people pay attention to children’s education. It is very important for parents to choose the right children’s toys for their children. Toys have a large market, and merchants can make profits through mall toy kiosks. And you need to make your toy shop stand out with unique practicality and style. If you are new to toy kiosks and 3D printing kiosks, you can call us for help. We provide 24 hours online services, we can do both designs and produce work for you.

Kids’ toy kiosk decoration

Children’s toy store decoration determines your brand positioning and target customer. It’s also the customer’s first impression of you. Make a detailed plan so you can arrange the positions and counters style reasonably. Mall-Kiosk provides a one-stop service for starters.

  • toy kioskBudget. The budget for a mall toy booth includes toy kiosk production costs, booth rental, and product procurement costs. Mall-Kiosk to help you complete the engraving kiosk and toy counter design, production, and installation of the toy stall with good quality and low price. We have a professional design team and workshop. 3m by 2m kiosk costs around 6200usd. You can rent a suitable booth in the mall and look for toy suppliers. A stable supply chain helps reduce costs.
  • Layout. The layout of the Kids’ toy kiosk is very important. The layout of the counter guides the sight of the guests and helps the transaction. You can also pair counter combinations and decorations for a good display. And the location of the cashier/reception desk is very important, remember to reserve enough storage space. You can replenish the consignment goods in time to improve work efficiency.
  • Shop Atmosphere. It is a good idea to create a unique toy gift kiosk atmosphere that reminds guests of your corporate image and business philosophy. A toy store that highlights products can make you gain more clients and orders. Children’s toy stores can choose eye-catching shades and playful cartoon patterns. You can play music to attract the attention and interest of nearby children.
  • Product placement. Place toys as much as possible for customers to purchase. You can choose a toy kiosk with a moderate height, so the toy can give customers a strong visual impact and increase the desire to buy. Note that toys should be classified and placed by type and age group.

How to design a children’s toy store?

The style of the store strengthens the impression of the store in the minds of consumers. Whether you start your business in a mall or on the street, the store design is the first step. Six key points of toy store design.

  1. Theme. The theme is the store image that children’s play toy kiosks present to the public. Whether you’re selling educational toys, dolls, blocks, or Legos, you need to highlight your store theme. A theme image can be created, which makes it easier for consumers to feel deeply.
  2. Counter: the toy display cabinet is very important, this is the place where the toys are displayed for the guests to choose from. You can set multiple display shelving to arrange all kid’s toys neatly. It’s a good idea to open a portable kiosk to start
  3. Trend: Toys in the toy store must keep up with the trend, so as to bring in more customers. Change the theme of the toy store according to the type of best-selling toys, giving consumers a strong impression.
  4. Branding: You can strengthen customer impressions by branding products and creating a brand identity. For example, use the most popular cartoon protagonists as signs and place them on various counters. Consumers can see the logo as soon as they pass by, and the purpose is to deepen the memory of customers.
  5. Color: The color of the LEGO store decoration design should be mainly bright. Bright colors are more attractive to the eyes and make people feel happy. In addition, merchants will also consider the coordination of decoration colors and toys. Only by changing the colors can they create the characteristics of their storefronts.
  6. Safety: The most important point of the toy store is to consider the safety of children. Security can be manifested in several ways. First of all, the design of the toy store is mainly simple and clean. Secondly, arc, round and U-shaped counters are often used to avoid sharp corners from scratching children.

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Precautions for toy display

Before a new project starts, a 3D design is needed. From the design, the merchant can see the style, and decoration of the toy store, showing the owner’s taste and the effect of the product display. You can even change the way the counter is displayed by planning product displays ahead of time to keep your guests fresh at all times.

  • Advertising: Advertising is necessary for kids’ toy stores. This is the most important way for potential customers to learn about your business. For example, add posters on the counter that look like fluffy cotton animals crawling, lying, and leaning on trees. Adorable, lively toys will grab the attention of little ones.
  • Lighting: Soft lighting makes your toy stall moody and highlights product features. Some of the best-selling toys can be placed in a more visible, more accessible place for children. Lighting is very important for VR kiosks.
  • Corner protection: Set up corner anti-collision protection in every toy cabinet. Children have no sense of self-protection and are lively and active. You can add bumpers to any place the child may touch. I believe these details will win consumers’ favor with you.
  • Flooring: Most shopping malls require toy kiosks with a floor to avoid scratching the ground of the shopping mall. You can choose PVC floors and wooden floors with soft surfaces, which can prevent children from falling and hurting.
  • Material: Choose high-end and sturdy raw materials to build the toy booth, you can get a high-end store effect and a solid structure. Popular materials include lacquered MDF, 8mm tempered glass, wood strips, acrylic, stainless steel, and more.