Do you plan to open a vape kiosk to make money? With the development of technology and society, people are increasingly concerned about their health. People have also begun to choose e-cigarettes with fewer harmful substances. Now is a suitable time to open a vape shop, and whether you require to open a booth in a mall or a retail store, you can choose a unique vape showcase at Mall-Kiosk. Vape kiosk has multiple layers of the glass display cabinet and display shelving that can place more items. Merchants can also add glass and light to increase the brightness and highlight products. Whenever you need a unique vape booth, you can customize it at Mall-Kiosk. View more vape kiosk designs below.

A glass vape kiosk is suitable for starting a mall business. Like most retail kiosks, the vape kiosk includes a vape display counter, reception desk, lock drawer and cabinets, brand image, and adverting area. It is a suitable option to add a changeable and colorful LED light lamp to make the vape kiosk attractive. Mall kiosks provide unique vape kiosks for people, and they follow unique ideas and mall specifications. If you have a vape booth design in mind, our design team can create the 3D design to show you the effects in advance.

Funds for opening a Vape kiosk

Relying on the ultra-fast payback speed and strong profitability, e-cigarette shops have become the first choice for entrepreneurship and investment! How much money does it take to open a vape shop? It determines whether you can successfully open your business. Vape shop expenses can be roughly divided into brand franchise fees, booth rent, vape kiosk costs, goods costs, labor costs, promotion, etc. The investment in a vape kiosk in a shopping mall is about $30,000.

  • Vape kioskBrand franchise fees. Most brand merchants will charge a certain franchise fee or deposit to ensure the stability of the selling price.
  • Vape booth rent. The most important expenditure for a store is booth rent, which determines the size and location of your booth. Renting a booth in a mall is very important. Therefore, you can choose a better booth within an affordable range, and a booth with a large traffic flow will help increase the turnover of the vape store.
  • Vape kiosk costs. Whether you are starting a business for the first time or planning to open a branch, choosing a customized vape kiosk is necessary. Merchants can integrate product concepts and brand culture into glass kiosk design, which will help improve the store’s image and leave a deep impression on people. Mall Kiosk has a professional design team, and we can design and produce high-end vape booths to start your business. The price only needs around 7800usd, and you can enjoy one-stop service.
  • Other fees. The cost of goods and labor needs to be controlled by the buyer. Purchase a small number of products, count the daily turnover and replenish on demand. Merchants also need to set aside the rent for publicity so that more people understand and know their business well.

Popular vape booth design

The design of the e-cigarette shop is a very necessity. The e-cigarette space specialty store has a high degree of brand recognition, and the overall style is simple, exquisite, and full of technology. It helps to establish a good corporate image and enhance brand competitiveness. At the same time, you can create a chain brand. All vape storefronts have a unified theme, creating a unique terminal storefront style for easy management. Merchants can arrange the counters reasonably according to the size of the store. Especially for limited booths in shopping malls, creating an overall visual impression will help to attract more customers.

A vape shop usually includes an experience area, display area, material display area, multimedia display, and lightbox poster.

  1. Experience zone design. The core part of the e-cigarette store is the design of the experience area. The experience area is a mainly open design. First, when customers come to the store, the experience area, as the soul of the entire store, can attract customers. Therefore, merchants can choose high-end and comfortable counters to improve the comfort experience of customers and get more orders.
  2. Product display area. The display area is essential for gift kiosk vape shops and mall vape kiosks. Because the display area mainly wins with vision, it can better display e-cigarettes to customers and stimulate a desire to buy.
  3. Brand promoting wall. The brand display area contains brand logos, promotional posters, and TV players. Guests can intuitively understand product features, the core technology of electronic cigarettes, and your company culture, and it is also convenient to promote new products. The display area adopts the three-dimensional presentation of product objects, raw material display, video content explanation, and plane content, which is very intuitive.

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How to get vape kiosk from Mall-Kiosk

Everyone likes unique and attractive vape kiosks and cigarette shops design. You can find a professional design team to make unique vape stall designs. Telling them about your ideas and requirements, they will propose design solutions accordingly and creates counter models to show the effect.

  • Vape kiosk design. Vape kiosk design needs about 3-5 working days because the design team will make at least three particular design plans and choose a suitable one for confirmation. The design fee is 300usd-500usd, depending on the kiosk measurements. You can submit the design drawing to get mall approval.
  • Produce vape counters. Produce starts after the design is confirmed and the deposit arrives. Workers will prepare materials and cut wooden panels to make the vape counter body. Then make surface treatments, pre-install the vape kiosk and test it. We will update the progress to show you the details.
  • Package. Once we complete the vape kiosk, it has to package immediately and ships out. We will use foam and plastics to cover the counters to avoid injury. The outside package is a wooden box that protects the goods well and is suitable for long-distance shipping. If you have questions about design, production, installation, and packaging, contact us as soon as possible. We are ready to help. Thank you