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What is a mall kiosk?

A mall kiosk is a small retail kiosk located in the aisle of a mall. A relatively recent innovation in the retail world, the mall kiosk is now ubiquitous in malls across the United States. A retailer usually has a booth in a mall, while a similar cart is generally rented. Since their appearance in the 1990s, mall kiosks have undergone many changes and are now available on a broader variety of shapes and styles than ever before.

The mall kiosk takes advantage of foot traffic in malls and seeks to attract impulse shoppers. The owner of a stall in a shopping mall can display their wares to the public without attracting people inside a storefront. Some retailers who use kiosks actively invite passers-by to try their products or attend a demonstration. Another advantage of the mall kiosk over a traditional storefront is the reduced expense associated with its whole storage. The kiosk model benefits the mall by transforming formerly unused areas into retail space.

Kiosks and carts are best for sellers of small, specialty products, such as jewelry, toys, or cosmetics. However, Some do have more unusual offers, such as chair massage or futuristic ice creams. Some people use kiosks in malls to advertise their business, like a gym or travel agency. For some products, the mall kiosk provides the perfect amount of space and visibility. Other vendors use the kiosk as a springboard for large, established businesses with permanent stores.

The owner of a kiosk or cart usually rents floor space in the mall. They can rent at a fixed rate, which is generally higher during the November and December holidays. They can also pay base rent plus a percentage of their sales more significant than a certain amount, a figure known as excess rent.

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