Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions, check out our answers, you are also welcome to contact our sales for more information.

Yes, We are a professional mall kiosk manufacturer, we can custom design and manufacture the kiosk according to your request and follow the shopping mall guidelines.
We are based in China, we have focused on the exporting market for over 17 years, we can deliver to all cities worldwide.
The price varies according to different sizes and materials used on the kiosk, but to give you a rough idea, a typical food kiosk in 10×12 ft is around 11000USD, While a eyebrow threading kiosk in 10×12 ft is about 7000USD.
When counting the estimated timeframe, should include kiosk design 7-10 days, kiosk manufacturing 18-35 days, kiosk shipping 15-30 days, and kiosk installation 3-8 days.  So, if you are in Europe you need around 45 days While North America need about 60 days.
Sorry, we are not able to send a worker to your local to help install the kiosk, But the installation is very simple and easy. All the kiosks are pre-build in several sections, and wirings are built with male and female joiners, you just need to put them together and screw from inside and click in the wiring joiner into each other and it’s done.
Yes, we provide all the kiosk signage, LED lights, and backlit posters together with the kiosk, the kiosk price is already covered it so you don’t need extra cost for it. But if you need digital displays, such as Advertising Player or TV, that will be an extra cost.
The kiosk was built with high-quality Eco-friendly materials, such as plywood, lamination, solid wood, acrylic, tempered glass, artificial stone, Marble, onyx, and corian. The kiosk can be used for more than 15 years.

We have a professional design team with more than 17 years of design experience, we can custom design the mall kiosk according to your specified requirements. Design Fee is $300- $1000 based on different kiosk dimensions. We will need 3- 7 days to finish the initial 3D design, after you confirm the 3D design, our team will also provide you with a detailed construction drawing which will show all the dimensions and materials on it.

With Over 17 years of Mall kiosk exporting experience. We understand most shopping mall criteria and all the materials we used can meet their standards. After the kiosk is shipped and installed, we offer a 2-year quality guarantee, if you have any parts that not working or are missing, we will send you a new one to replace it.

Yes, If Large Order we will have a better price, For more details, please contact our sales Team.

For most orders, Our Payment term is 50% Deposit, while 50% Balance After the Kiosk is Finished Before Shipping. But For some Large Amount Orders, we will apply 30% Deposit, 30% Procedure, and 40% After The Work is Finished. And Yes, we Accept Credit Cards.

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