Juice and beverage kiosks are good places to provide fresh food and drinks. The juice kiosk is suitable for selling smoothies, fresh fruit, and orange juice. Like most food booths in the mall, this new juice uses lovely and creative decorations that make people notice your shop at first eyesight. It’s a good idea to come up with a good counter layout. That is a symbol of your shop and also convenient to work. Focus on the reception counter and bill table, people, order fresh juice and pay cash here. So you can place hot sale items to encourage purchase. Besides, the juice kiosk has brilliant colors like orange, yellow, green, and blue. Wooden with white is also popular among fruit juice booths. Choose an outstanding design solution on our website for whatever amazing juice smoothie stand you want.

Mall Kiosk is a fruit juice kiosk leading factory. We have a professional design, construction, and sales team to help you determine the correct juice booth for your business. You can view the overall effect, color details, surface materials, and brand signage on the design. We will also take photos and videos during production so the owner can understand how to build a juice smoothie stand. Workers will test the juice stall and clean each counter before packing. Therefore, the person in a business can receive a clean and ideal kiosk.

How do you start a juice kiosk?

Freshly squeezed juice represents health, fashion, and an attitude to life. Generally, people who drink freshly squeezed juice will fall in love with freshly squeezed juice. Regardless of when you’re ready to open, here are a few things to remember.

  1. juice kioskStore location: Even in the same mall, the traffic and business of different stalls differ. Merchants need to choose a drink booth size and place that suits them. And if you are going to open a juice shop, the shop’s location needs to be carefully selected. It is necessary to choose a site with significant target customer traffic. You also need to consider the size of the store. Large stores have high rents and high operating costs.
  2. Decoration style: The decoration style determines the taste and atmosphere of the store. Simple and sophisticated decoration styles can attract the attention of guests. Play some soft music appropriately to make people feel soothed. Besides, the most important thing is to echo with your products and set off the brand concept.
  3. Product positioning: Your freshly squeezed juice store can correctly add other popular local drinks, desserts, and snacks. What’s more, drives consumption and meets the different taste requirements of consumers. So product positioning will help you run your business better.
  4. Stable suppliers: Freshly squeezed seasonality is also relatively strong. The price fluctuates wildly in different seasons, products, and regions. Therefore, there must be regular suppliers, and the goods must be high-quality so that we will not have accidents in the middle of sales.
  5. Service with a smile: Heart-warming service makes people feel warm and improves customer satisfaction. The service should be thoughtful, be kind to the guests, greet them with a smile, then make the customers feel at home and want to come again for the first time. Besides, good service can also enhance the image of the juice shop.

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Is a juice bar profitable?

Opening a juice bar kiosk can be profitable. Because the cost of opening a juice kiosk is meager, and the operation is also very convenient. Lower opening costs and higher sales can lead to more profits.

  • Control cost. The cost of opening a store to make money is divided into variable costs and fixed costs. Variable costs include components that increase as product sales increase. Such as raw materials, equipment depreciation, and other expenses. Specified prices include rent, labor costs, utilities, etc., and do not change with sales. So before opening, we need to estimate fixed costs by reducing the size of the booths and choosing the right location to set them within the controllable range. Besides, raw materials and equipment are the keys to business, and businesses must pay attention. Juice shops need equipment that can withstand daily business demands.
  • Increase sales. The most important thing about juice shops is that the food and drinks they sell are good value for money. Merchants can make profits by upgrading their stores and choosing high-end food kiosks to enhance the added value of their brands. The price and taste of freshly squeezed juice determine the sales and selling price. Then the ingredients are fresh, clean, hygienic, and reasonably priced. They must have a market. The booth can be insignificant, and the clean, bright, and comfortable environment makes people want to enter the store to buy. The income from running a juice franchise is excellent. If they manage with heart, treat every consumer seriously and enthusiastically, insist on innovation, bring delicious food, satisfy consumers’ taste buds, and retain consumers’ hearts, such enterprises will do better.

Fresh juice booth design

A good juice shop design can make the Fresh juice shop more attractive, attracting consumers to buy in the store, and at the same time, it can also enhance the brand’s competitiveness. Each store should develop the style and color of the juice stall according to its requirements. So it is best to do a complete store design before opening, including exterior design, sign design, counter design, and lighting design.

  1. Appearance design. The exterior design is the overall feel of the Fruit juice booth. It mainly reflects the grade and personality of the smoothie juice kiosk. Merchants can choose a fresh and bright modern decoration style or a retro and atmospheric traditional style. Most of the juice shops are based on contemporary styles, keeping up with the trend of the times to stimulate customer consumption.
  2. Signboard design. A signboard is the facade and sign of a store. The signboard design must be novel, eye-catching, and concise so people can instantly remember or leave an impression. Because signboard can attract guests and facilitate the promotion of the brand
  3. Counter design. Juice kiosk counters had to be themed and easy to use. It is imperative to reasonably arrange the entrance and exit, reception area, and work area. At the same time, the shape and decoration of the counter also need to be carefully considered. Consider booth area, passenger flow, service characteristics, and safety factors.
  4. Exterior lighting design. Decorative lights and lighting are also valuable ways to enhance the image of the Fresh juice booth. You can choose from various ceiling lights, spotlights, chandeliers, and LED tubes to create a comfortable and warm store atmosphere. Neon lights are also a good idea. They can help liven up the atmosphere, are eye-catching, and have a good psychological effect.