A phone case kiosk is a good place to display and sell phone covers, phone accessories, and earphones. Merchants can also do phone repair services to increase sales performance. The mall phone case booth has much display showcase area, it is good to hang many products. Then, the merchants choose a phone case stall that matches their company image and product characteristics before starting their business. So, you can choose bright color schemes or simple, high-end styling to make your business stand out. Phone case kiosk, as a retail kiosk, you can use both slat wall display and glass counters to get a wonderful effect. No matter how unique a phone case kiosk you want, you can find a wonderful phone case kiosk here.

Phone case kiosks, mobile phone booths, and phone accessories kiosks are popular in shopping malls. The display and service counter is the place where people enjoy service and learn about your company culture. So you can focus more on the phone kiosk decoration. The cell phone case booth includes a glass kiosk counter, an aluminum groove cabinet, lock cabinets, a brand logo wall, and an advertising area. It’s necessary to arrange all the counters in the proper layout. What’s more, a reasonable phone accessories booth layout creates a classic atmosphere. It also increases the added value of products and greatly increases sales performance.

Popular Phone case kiosk design

How to make your store stand out from its peers? This is a question every business needs to consider. We need to work hard on the decoration of the mall kiosk and the design of the counter. People remember you at a glance, so they’ll buy from your store when they need it. And all you need to do is to improve product quality and service.

  • phone case kioskSlat wall display: Aluminum grooves are very popular in the mall retail kiosk industry, especially in the mobile phone case and mobile phone accessories industry. Because merchants can arbitrarily change and hang mobile phone cases, mobile phone accessories, headphones, and other products. And it can classify products well and make maximum use of the display area. So, you don’t need to consider the height and size of the product, just place the hook in the right place. Almost all counters are suitable for slat wall displays, such as wall cabinets, display counters, and brand sign stands.
  • Multi-functional glass display: Multifunctional display is essential for the phone case business. Because it can make full use of limited space. Usually, the phone case is displayed on the front, and cabinet doors and drawers are added to the back for storage. Merchants can also add glass display cases on top as needed. What’s more, the shop owner can even use the back of the display case as a phone repair kiosk or a reception desk to improve work efficiency. Whatever your idea, Mall kiosks can realize it.
  • Advertising area: The promotional area is just as important as the mall retail kiosk. This is one of the ways that guests learn about your products and brand. So make attractive posters and put them in place so people can see you from all angles. Moreover, merchants can hang brand names or company names to enhance memory. If you have a holiday sale or a new product launch, don’t forget to put up a poster to tell your guests.

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Features of mobile phone showcase

Now all major shopping malls have unique and eye-catching mobile phone cabinets and mobile phone case display cases. Most of the phone case counter size is 120cm wide, 60cm depth, and 100 cm-120 cm tall. Besides, it is perfect for a display case and convenient for employees to work. If allowed by the mall, you can increase the tall stand or wall display, size is about 180cm-200cm tall.

  1. Materials: The phone case booth chooses MDF and high-gloss paint surface, which looks beautiful and high-end. You can match it with stainless steel, acrylic, and other materials to make the phone case kiosk design more charming. The solid wood decoration and 8mm tempered glass increase the interest in the display and can be closed when off-duty to ensure product safety.
  2. Shape: The cell phone kiosk has a variety of unique shapes, and you can display it according to your ideas. And the use of different colors, so that the overall effect of noble and elegant. The phone case interior style with a sense of design is the best option for exhibitions, shopping malls, and specialty stores. You can also make corresponding adjustments according to the booth
  3. Light: Bright light can not only illuminate the product but also add rich elements to the phone shop. Light reflections will create a sense of continuity throughout the mobile phone store. High-end and beautiful, fully enhance your image and corporate image. Energy-saving light strips are used in the glass display case to help you create the desired store atmosphere. Display your mobile phone products to the maximum extent, high-end and exquisite.

Is a phone case counter a profitable business?

Yes. With the fast development of technology, smartphones become more important in our daily life. This increases the demand for phone covers and accessories. Because they will help the owner protect cell phones and use them will. Opening a phone case booth in the mall can express your items to clients directly, and you can also promote the company and brand. It’s helpful to expand business in the future. So whether you are starting a new business or a side business, the phone cases industry is a good and lucrative option.

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