Are you looking for a hair straightener kiosk in a mall? A hair straightener kiosk is a great place to showcase hair straightener products and provide hair straightening services. The beauty and hairdressing industry leads the development of trends, and people hope to have distinctive hairstyles to show their individuality. The main customers of hair straightening kiosks are women. The market prospect is enormous whether you sell hair-cutting equipment or provide hairdressing services. Now is the perfect time to start a hair drop service. It’s a great idea to rent a booth in a mall to start your business. In addition to hair straightening services, merchants can also provide a series of services such as haircuts, styling, and curling to attract customers. Check the hair straightener kiosk on our website.

The hair straightener kiosk has unique styles, and it’s good for displaying items and providing hair styling services. As an entrepreneur, defining your business before opening is very important. Because of the decoration style of the store, the choice of furniture and layout should focus on highlighting the brand and service. Whether you are just starting a business or planning to start a side business, you can choose the unique hair straightener kiosk at Mall-Kiosk to begin your beauty kiosk business. Our company designs and produces hair salon shops, shopping malls, hairdressing service cabinets, and crush service halls. The Hair straightening booth is made of a high-quality board with fine craft and a unique shape, which people love.

How to decorate a hair straightener kiosk?

Whether you want to open a classic or fashion hair straightener kiosk, Mall-Kiosk can help you. Different shop styles require unique decoration methods, and the following points hope to be helpful for your hair straightening shop decoration.

  1. Hair Straightener KioskFront desk decoration. In the decoration of the barber shop, we must pay special attention to the decoration of the front desk. After all, the first thing customers see is our front desk, so the decoration of the front desk should be beautiful but practical.
  2. Lighting. The selection of decoration lamps in the barbershop significantly influences the later decoration effect. Merchants choose lighting according to the characteristics of their barbershops. The lighting in the hair salon is not only for illumination but also to set off a warm environment. For example, you can use soft fiber optic pendant lights to decorate, while the service desk uses bright white lights or LED light strips to set off the beauty salon environment properly.
  3. Ceiling. Ceiling decoration is vital for a barber shop and is part of the overall design. If you plan to use a suspended ceiling in a mall booth, you must apply and get approval from the mall manager. The ceiling and floor decoration in different areas are different, and merchants can also pay attention to the environmental protection of materials. A hairdressing area is a place to serve customers directly. The mirror should be bright, the chairs and beds should be exquisite, the shape should be unique, and the color tone should be uniform.

Management of hair shop furniture

The decoration layout is vital for the barber kiosk to look good. First, it is necessary to determine the general idea of the whole day’s decoration and then determine the theme style of the barbershop. Hair straightening shop decoration is generally straightforward, generous, and practical, giving consumers a pleasing, relaxed, and happy feeling.

When decorating a barber shop, speaker equipment is also essential. Besides, elegant classical music makes people feel relaxed. They will enjoy the hair straightening and perm service process. After all, barber shops belong to the service industry, and straight hair shops that meet customer expectations will go further.

The technology of hairdressing is very critical, and you will get a steady stream of new customers if you get the affirmation of your customers. Merchants can learn hairdressing techniques and obtain advanced beauty technician certificates before opening a store, and at the same time, hire high-tech hairdressing technicians to improve the store level. You can even innovate hair straightening, perm, and hair grafting techniques to attract more new and old customers experience. 

Whether opening a hair salon or teeth whitening kiosk, providing friendly customer service is fundamental. You can help customers choose the right hairstyle and provide customized hair service when they enter the store. And teach the people how to maintain their hairstyles daily, which will increase the clients’ favor with you, and they will help you introduce more guests. 

Hair straightener kiosk design

The hair salon’s decoration must consider the reasonable space layout, lighting, decorations, and colors to give people a warm atmosphere. Merchants can create a high-end store atmosphere to give people a sense of value for money. The following is the need to pay attention to the decoration of different areas.

  • Service area. The service desk is usually set up at the entrance, and you can provide quick service to the guests entering the store. The service area includes the front desk, the brand image wall, and even promotional posters so that customers can distinguish you from other stores in the first place.
  • Shampoo area. The shampoo area is essential for every barber shop; you can choose the appropriate shampoo chair and cabinet according to the shop’s atmosphere. The primary purpose is to create a clean and tidy image for people which is easy to use.
  • Barber workbench. The barber station is a central focus of the design, as this is where guests receive straight hair styling services. The decor is loose, clean, and comfortable. You can add a hair straightener kiosk feature with a lighted mirror and a salon chair. Merchants can post fashionable and avant-garde hairstyles on the wall for customers.
  • Hair straightener showcase. The product display area can display cleaning products and perm-dyeing products, respectively. Whether it is a glass display case or a metal decorative product display shelf, you can set up the right area to attract customers to buy