T-shirt kiosks have become more and more popular in recent years. People love T-shirts for their unique graphics, slogans, and shapes. They help show people’s personalities, and T-shirts suits all kinds of pants and shoes to enhance fashion and make people feel comfortable. A T-shirt kiosk is an excellent booth to provide all kinds of T-shirts, hats, clothes, shoes, and boutique decorations. Merchants can also decorate T-shirt booths to reflect the shop’s theme and brand image. Besides, clothing kiosks and embroidery kiosks are good options for earning money. Mall-Kiosk provides all kinds of T-shirt kiosks for aboard. The T-shirt counter will have sockets that fit clients’ requirements. Browse more T-shirt kiosk designs, and you will get more decoration solutions.

A T-shirt kiosk is one of the specific businesses to start. Everyone loves T-shirts because it is comfortable, express personality, and makes people feel at ease. Whether starting a business, planning to start a side business or investing, a T-shirt kiosk is an excellent way to start. Mall kiosk has helped many people start a business, and the clients range from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, etc. We have made more than 1000 retail kiosks for clients. They can get exquisite T-shirts, clothing, and embroidery booth designs and enjoy a one-stop service.

Is the T-shirt printing business profitable?

Yes, starting a t-shirt printing business is profitable. Because the T-shirt booth has a small investment, a large market, and large profit margins, as a kind of clothing, T-shirts can always arouse people’s desire to buy. People like different styles of T-shirts with hats, shoes, and pants.

  • Source of orders: Developing customer sources is what every merchant needs to do. With the development of society, customized T-shirts are trendy, and people can print their favorite patterns and slogans on T-shirts. You can not only retail T-shirts as a source of customers, but also negotiate cooperation with enterprises. So you will have a considerable customer base and get a lot of orders. For the company, the logo and slogan printed on the T-shirt can better interpret the cultural positioning of the team. As a team uniform, it can stimulate team morale and reflect the unit’s and team’s high-end image.
  • Investment cost: The investment cost of the T-shirt kiosk is small. You only need to rent a booth or a small shop in the mall, choose a special T-shirt counter, and buy printing equipment, and you can start your business. You can negotiate rent with the mall manager/landlord to please your store size and location. You can choose clothing kiosk manufacturers to help and get high-quality custom T-shirt display cabinets at low prices. For example, you can get a 3m x 3m t-shirt booth for around $7200 at a Mall-Kiosk.

How to start a T-shirt kiosk?

Before starting a business, we should rent a mall location. And it’s necessary to make a business plan first. Then decide on a unique T-shirt counter that fits the site. You can make some plans to promote sales or develop member benefits to increase the favor and trust of guests. Below are tips to help you get a perfect T-shirt booth.

  1. T-shirt kioskMake a T-shirt kiosk design. The 3D design is a critical step in customizing a T-shirt and hat kiosk business. Merchants can view how their ideas act in reality, and they can adjust somewhere to make the T-shirt shop and scarf kiosk look good. Whether selling men’s clothing, women’s, or children’s clothing, you can find reasonable design solutions in the Mall kiosks. You can add display showcases to display hats, ties, brooches, shoes, scarves, and other products to attract potential customers.
  2. Produce T-shirt display. The production process and steps are essential in determining the T-shirt shop. The workers of Mall-Kiosk strictly follow the design drawings and details confirmed by both parties. And quality inspection team controls the production process to ensure proper steps and a strong counter structure. Our sales team will also regularly update the production progress and take photos and videos for merchants to confirm. Once completing the T-shirt kiosk and passing the factory inspection, workers will clean each counter and pack it for shipment.
  3. Install a T-shirt booth. Our workers will pre-install the T-shirt booth and shoe kiosk in the installation workshop and take pictures to show the final effect on the merchant. When merchants can follow the installation guidelines and refer to the photos of the T-shirt kiosk, they can assemble the counters in order. Contact us immediately if you have any questions after receiving the goods.

T-shirt kiosk decoration

  1. Arrange suitable space. When decorating a clothing store, it is essential to maximize the display of T-shirts so that consumers can quickly choose their favorite clothes. Therefore, make full use of the space to display products to ensure better operation of clothing stores.
  2. Safe and convenient. The goal of clothing management is to meet the needs of consumers and bring them enough attraction. As the mall booth has limited space, we must consider safety management placement and convenience for purchase.
  3. Reasonable layout. In the overall clothing store operation, operation and display are two key points. Merchants have to utilize all the space for suitable counters and display T-shirts.
  4. Door decoration. Because the door is the symbol of the entire T-shirt shop and hat kiosk, it is the first impression left on customers. Therefore, the door decoration needs high-end and bright effects. To attract attention, mannequins are set at the entrance window to display popular T-shirt styles and collocations. The counter is distanced adequately from the entrance to maintain a sense of mystery.
  5. Color selection. The color of clothing store decoration attracts customers’ attention and can better display products to customers. You can choose brighter colors when decorating, arousing people’s desire to buy.

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T-shirt kiosk for sale

Embroidery kiosk clothing stores and custom-printed T-shirt shops create different atmospheres that attract other target customers. A high-quality decoration style brings many customers into the store and helps to obtain orders. To open a clothing store, you need to know the type of store, and the decoration of different types is different.

  • Store theme. If you open a men’s clothing store, you should pay attention to the layout of the entire store. When men buy clothes, merchants can notice the general shop theme to have a heroic atmosphere. You must focus on decoration details when opening a women’s clothing store. When decorating, the store’s color should be warm and soft, and the clothes should have a sense of color difference. The main garments display in front of the store. If opening a children’s clothing store, you should use more broken colors when decorating and match various colors to make the store colorful, which will be more popular with children. Some children’s toys or game consoles can also add in front of the store.
  • Store theme. Lighting and music can make people feel relaxed, create a comfortable atmosphere, and enhance the store layout. Therefore, merchants can use a warm and comfortable piece to create a mood, and soft light uses to make people visually comfortable. Customers will feel comfortable, and the purchase rate will increase.