It’s a good option to open a teeth whitening kiosk or dental clinic to earn money. With the progress of society, more and more people pay attention to dental health and whitening. Before starting a business, merchants need to choose an excellent booth to start their business. People can experience teeth whitening services when shopping, and merchants can earn profits to enhance their brand image. It’s a win-win idea. Whenever you plan to open a teeth whitening kiosk, it’s necessary to select a good design, high-end materials, and layout. We can arrange all the counters in a good position and choose the appropriate color decoration which looks beautiful and valuable. Check popular teeth whitening kiosk designs below.

As for one of the beauty salon shops, the teeth whitening kiosk is also getting more and more attention. Because people want healthy and white teeth. Merchants can provide corresponding products and services to gain customers and increase brand awareness. You can choose a bright and high-end teeth whitening studio to start your business, which will help to display the brand image and shape the brand value. For a customized teeth whitening shop, you can add new elements to make the booth look good. Usually, a teeth whitening kiosk includes:

  • Dental equipment.
  • A dental chair.
  • A dental service desk.
  • Storage space.
  • A dental display area.
  • A waiting area.

How to decorate a teeth whitening studio?

As people pay attention to the environment, service, and brand of dental clinics, dental clinics need to pay attention to door design and decoration style. A good design and decoration can enhance brand competitiveness and promote stores and products well. How to decorate a dental clinic to achieve aesthetic and practical results?

  1. Teeth Whitening KioskStyle collocation. The shopfront design and decoration of the dental clinic need attractive and prominent. Because this is one of the ways to get to know your store directly. Decoration needs to leave a deep impression on consumers. You can find a professional designer to help you design your brand logo. The style of the teeth whitening kiosk also needs to meet the requirements of shopping malls and fire departments, so you can tell us your requirements before designing the teeth whitening shop and massage kiosk.
  2. Counter layout. The counter layout of the dental clinic needs to meet the work requirements and strengthen the customer’s feelings. Waiting areas should be comfortable, humane, and fun. Improve customers feeling in receiving whitening services and gain a good reputation. You can also reasonably place display counters and storage counters to make full use of the booth space.
  3. Comfortable store atmosphere. Dental clinics have a bright working environment that gives people a high-end and clean shop feeling. You can reasonably set the decorative ambient light and white light to create a store atmosphere so that your store stands out.

High-end dental care booth material

In shopping malls, we will see high-end Teeth whitening kiosks made of many different materials. There are many choices of materials made in the showcase industry, and different materials have different advantages. Therefore, merchants can choose the Teeth whitening kiosk that suits them according to the actual needs of their stores. Choosing the right showcase can not only improve the overall decoration of the store and bring customers a pleasant experience but also promote the sales of the store. Today we will talk about the commonly used materials for making high-end teeth whitening kiosks.

  • Solid wood. Choose wooden materials to make high-end teeth whitening kiosks and eyebrow threading kiosks. The natural solid wood has been treated with high-temperature insecticide, degreasing, and drying. The moisture content of solid wood is low, and the structure of the wooden frame is reasonable and firm.
  • Stainless steel trim. The main component of stainless steel is a low-carbon alloy steel containing nickel and chromium. Mall Kiosk uses 304# stainless steel to make the dental clinic counter, which is of high quality, more beautiful and guaranteed in quality. Merchants can choose different colors and metal effects to enhance the store level. Stainless steel has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, and corrosion resistance.
  • Glass material. This kind of material is used to make the Teeth whitening product display area, and merchants can add light strips to the glass laminate to highlight the products. According to the function and design of the counter, we can choose tempered glass, hot-bent glass, laminated glass, ultra-clear glass, etc. to obtain good results

How to make teeth whitening shop design?

For a customized teeth whitening shop, it’s necessary to add your ideas to make them suitable for business. You can first think about the shop layout, styles, and machine area. Then make a layout plan to arrange all counters in relevant areas. Besides, you can find a professional design team to draw 3D designs, so that merchants can view each part and all details directly however if it’s your first business and doesn’t make a layout plan yet. Just tell us your ideas, and our sales team can sort out the details with the design team and give you a better solution. No matter how unique teeth whitening both you are looking for, our Mall-Kiosk can meet your demands. Our design team makes 3D MAX design and construction drawings so that You can view all the sizes, material details, and circuit plans directly.

Buying teeth whitening studio from Mall-Kiosk

Mall Kiosk is a professional manufacturer in Shenzhen, our company is professional in the design and production of teeth whitening shop furniture in Shenzhen. We do beauty kiosk design, manufacture, installation, and transport services for beauty shops and teeth-whitening shops from all over the world. The company specializes in designing dental clinics, outpatient clinics, and tooth-whitening shops. No matter how big a teeth whitening booth you need, you can get it at our company. If you have any questions, contact us soon. Our service team will provide warm services 7 days a week