Donuts kiosks are becoming popular among people. It’s a profitable option to open a donut kiosk in the mall. With the continuous increase in people’s economic income, the demand for desserts is also increasing. Doughnuts, a dessert with rich taste and characteristics, have a huge consumer market. Donuts are a classic western sweet food with various fillings on top of fried or baked bagels. Merchants can also freely coat it with materials such as chocolate sauce or various jelly beans, which are very popular among young customers. Before starting your business, you need to seriously consider the proper layout and decoration style of the donut counter. This is helpful for enhancing your store image and word of mouth. You can browse unique donut kiosks on our website.

Donut kiosks can be found everywhere, in malls, streets, and even food restaurant stores. However, it is important to choose a good dessert kiosk design to start with. Because it can make your donut shop stand out and enhance your brand image. You can use bold colors, high-end materials, unique donut kiosk designs, and more. The better the design is for your business, the better, you can use it as a corporate identity or even build a chain brand. If it’s your first business, find a professional team to help you. You can get what you want soon. Whenever you are in need, just send us an inquiry, and our sales team will help you immediately.

Mall donuts kiosk decoration

The current market for a donuts kiosk is very promising, and even if you only focus on one type of dessert, you can get a lot of customers. Such as mall donuts kiosks, macaron kiosks, and cake kiosks. Merchants attach great importance to the decoration of dessert shops, hoping to get more customers through decoration. So how do you decorate the donut booth?

  • donuts kioskSignboard: The signboard is for customers to know your store. Give your donut shop a catchy name and even an eye-catching logo. For the franchised donut stores, the merchant can directly use the brand’s signboard. But you can also decorate it uniquely, making sure it does not block the brand name.
  • Color: Donut’s color needs to be consistent with your product, brand name, and store theme. Color is very important because it determines the first impression of your shop. You can choose some color combinations such as yellow and wood grain, pink and white, etc., to create a casual and comfortable store atmosphere.
  • Dining table: As a food store, setting up a dining table with chairs is a good idea. For limited space, you can add chairs to the side of the bread kiosk for dine-in and rest. A baffle in the middle separates the workbench from the seating area so that guests and employees do not interfere with each other. Of course, the best way is to separate the seating area from the service desk. Stand alone with tables, chairs, and sofas to look like a food store.
  • Posters: Posters and stickers are essential to enhance the store level. Creative stickers and posters attract attention and help you gain a loyal following. Besides, the propaganda posters show people the form of donuts to stimulate people’s appetite and desire to buy. Regularly updating the menu can also keep guests fresh and reap different surprises.
  • Lighting: Lighting is very important in all donut kiosks. It is not only for lighting but more importantly, makes your shop stand out. Expect the workbench, the lighting under the table, and the floor light need as soft as possible.

Materials for donuts kiosk

  1. Plywood with lamination: Plywood is one of the base materials of cake kiosks. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, beautiful texture, and strong load-bearing. And it is not easy to get wet and not easy to deform, it is a good material for making food kiosks. Lamination is the material for the surface of the display case, it has a smooth surface to create a unique display case effect. So merchants can also use wooden veneer, green grass, tile, etc.
  2. Stone countertop: The stone countertop protects the food kiosk workbench. It is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, waterproof and moisture-resistant, and can use for a long time. It also makes your donuts kiosk looks very nice. Popular ingredients include artificial stone, quartz stone, and granite.
  3. 8mm tempered glass: Tempered glass is good to make display cases, which can not only display donuts to guests but also keep food clean. At the same time, tempered glass can also be placed on the countertop as a sneeze guard to isolate guests and food.
  4. Stainless steel: Stainless steel is used as the base of luxury donut kiosks, it can prolong the service life of the counter and prevent accidental damage. Stainless steel makes workbenches and sinks to improve work efficiency.
  5. Acrylic logo: Most food kiosks use acrylic logos, and merchants can choose backlit or 3D luminous logos to get a good effect. You can also use the Neon logo, light box logo, and even hollow-out logo to make your sweet shop look better.

Equipment needed for a donut shop

Equipment is very important in any food store, and it can help you improve service efficiency. How to choose equipment for your donut store? You first need to plan how large you plan to open a store, join a brand or build your brand. These will help you source the right equipment that is not too wasteful or too small to use. Donuts booth machines include pasta machine, proofer, fryer, freezer, mixer, induction cooker, chocolate melting machine, etc. You can also add drink cabinets and waffle machines to get more customers and profits.

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2 Tips highlight the donut kiosk

  1. Floor design: As part of the donuts booth, the floor needs to integrate with the style of the bakery kiosk. Whether or not the manager of the mall asks for a floor, we recommend that you make an exclusive floor. Scattered electrical wiring can hide under the floor, making it easier for employees to work and have unexpected results. Use wood grain to decorate the floor, you can get a warm and quiet feeling. The dark red floor can bring out a luxurious and solemn atmosphere. Walnut floors look solemn and noble; oak floors are very popular in the United States.
  2. Counter layout: The donut display cabinet must be placed in the most obvious position of the dessert shop so that it can have a great publicity effect. Note that the counters are placed regularly and at the same distance, so as not to give people a sense of clutter. Merchants can display them one by one, from large to small, which will have a more sense of hierarchy. Multi-use fashionable and modern elements, uniquely shaped workbench, and image wall. Lamps and ornaments with a strong sense of fashion, and appetizing fashion posters, combined with lighting, highlight the effect. The shape of the counter is recommended to choose a curved, distinctive shape. You can even add a donut model to the counter.